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10 Commandments For Reducing Stress

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Originally written by Hilary Langford and expanded by me! – Hilary Langford is a very talented organizational consultant and she originally wrote these commandments many years ago, but they are just as relevant today as they were then. Thanks Hilary for your creativity! I expanded them today! 1. Thou shalt not be perfect or…

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Ask for Blessings – Believe and Receive


What do you want your life to look like at the end of the adventure of 2015? Grab a piece of paper (and maybe a glass of wine!) and make a list of all the areas on your life – work, family, relationship, health, finances, self, learning, growth, friends, lifestyle etc. Under each of those…

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Quotes About Failure That Will Inspire You to Succeed


Fear of failure is one of the main factors stopping people getting what they want. We can be so scared of failure that we don’t even bother trying! It’s one of the main factors that differentiates people who get what they want and those who don’t. What if we viewed mistakes as learning rather than…

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How to Inspire People – Infect them with The Enthusiasm Virus


“What I do best is share my enthusiasm.” This quote from Bill Gates, the co founder of Microsoft is worth making a life philosophy. After all folks, lets face it, this man is one of the richest in the world. He has arguably had a greater influence on business and communication than any one else…

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21 Habits of Successful Leaders

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Through my own experiences as a motivational keynote speaker on Leadership, along with my research and observations I have a come up with 21 habits that I believe successful leaders live by. They consistently feel good about themselves and believe in their own abilities. They help others to feel good about themselves and help others…

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Thought Viruses


Robert Dilts is a well known American expert in neurolinguistics and writes frequently for a magazine called Anchor Point. In a past edition he was discussing the connection between beliefs and health or wellness. He introduced the concept of ‘thought viruses’. What a fantastic way of describing one of the most powerful mechanisms of illness…

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Is FOWOT Controlling Your Life?

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F.O.W.O.T. It’s insidious and affects a huge number of people. It undermines many behaviors and can limit our growth and development. What is it? Fear of what others think! How many times have you felt silly, humiliated, shamed, embarrassed or shy? Have you ever wondered what causes those feelings? Ever really delved into their source?…

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Creating Life Balance


Stress is a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be a way of life! How long have we talked about needing life balance and at that same time BEEN doing everything we can to go faster and do more! At work and at home, people expect to do more with less and in…

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Creating Joy Spots

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Joy is the next competitive advantage! Happiness precedes success and all performance, creativity, innovation and team connection is linked to happiness at work! The latest research in neuroscience, epigenetics, emotional intelligence and positive psychology intersect at a point I call “the joy spot”- the sweet spot for performance. Leaders need to make the workplace a…

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How to make people remember you


Based on work by Lila Davachi (Ph D and Professor at NYU). Tobias Kiefer (VP Learning and Development) and David Rock (author of Your Brain at Work), at the Neuroleadership Summit, there is now a formula to enhance memory and learning! A= Attention G= Generation E= Emotion S= Spacing Focused attention is critical for memory…

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