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Feeling Good About Yourself – Why Your Wellness Is The Key

This week I was listening to a presentation on WHY clients would book a speaker – or any consultant. And of course it was for the BENEFITS that person or service can bring and the RESULTS. Happiness is now definitively seen as beneficial to the bottom line – with improvements in sales of 37%; productivity of 43%; reduction in…

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How to make people remember you

Based on work by Lila Davachi (Ph D and Professor at NYU). Tobias Kiefer (VP Learning and Development) and David Rock (author of Your Brain at Work), at the Neuroleadership Summit, there is now a formula to enhance memory and learning! A= Attention G= Generation E= Emotion S= Spacing Focused attention is critical for memory…

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Your mood matters

The Harvard business review (HBR) lists emotional intelligence (EQ) as the number one quality of a great leader. The essence of EQ is to know yourself, manage yourself and manage relationships. Out of all the various aspects of EQ, HBR states that the leader’s mood has the most significant impact on the culture of an…

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The Future for Millennials

Funny how the universe works! This week I went for a meeting with a lady who epitomizes an opportunity for Millennials. Today I received in my inbox a Fast Company article called ‘Why Job Prospects for Millennials are Still Dreadful’. The interesting thing is that the number of young people who are involved with this…

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The Secret Weapon of Team (and Family) Success

Last year I read an excellent article published in Harvard Business Review (HBR Magazine April 2012: The New Science of Building Great Teams by Prof. Alex Pentland). As the chief scientist of MIT Media Lab, he is the head of a team who have developed a device that measures team performance through a set of…

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Wake Up to a Higher Purpose Business Strategy

Most definitions of business strategies revolve around the theme of long term plans of action designed to achieve a particular goal or set of objectives. I heard the worldwide CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi speak at a conference once, and he said that all their campaigns and strategies are based on a key finding: that…

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How Compassion Will Transform the Way You Do Business

how compassion can transform your business

A new field of research is suggesting that when organizations promote an ethic of compassion they may not only experience a happier workplace but also an improved profits. I believe you can transform every aspect of your work (and life) with compassion. Compassion Transforms Businesses Imagine what life would be like all businesses practiced compassion.…

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