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I have been a member of MDRT for 29 years and have seen some of the best speakers in the world. None have ever received 3 standing ovations like Amanda Gore.

- President Million Dollar Round Table

You made such a difference. You were the best investment we have made yet. We will earn ‘dividends’ for a long time.

- VP Wells Fargo Bank

Only once in a rare while does a speaker come along who actually affects real change from their 90 minutes on stage. You breathe that rarified air!! I'm just sorry I waited so long to book you for a meeting.

- McDonalds

Joy is the New High-Performance Fuel

Studies have shown that people who know how to tap into their own happiness sell more, achieve more, and become more resilient and creative.

Boost sales by
Magnify creativity by
Slash mistakes by
Increase productivity by

When joy is at the center of your work, everything changes.

Leaders generate trust and connection.
Employees hit sales breakthroughs on their own momentum.
Customer service gets rave reviews.
Teams connect with each other, and politics subside.

What could your company’s new normal look like?
Amanda Gore can show you.

Prepare for a power-packed performance that will leave the audience cheering!


Amanda Gore

Amanda knows how to deliver high-impact scientific information based on the latest psychology and neuroscience inside a hilarious presentation that will captivate your employees.

They will leave connected and inspired to bring joy to their work — every day.

Voted one of the hottest 25 speakers in the USA by Speakers Magazine
Meeting Professionals International Favorite Speaker
Speaker Hall of Fame: National Speakers Association

Amanda is a wow of wows of speakers. She’s enchanting, captivating, brilliantly funny, tenderly charming, heartfelt, genuine, sincere and poignantly authentic and yet she delivers a powerful message that we each want and need to hear. She’s unforgettable with her innovative audience involvement techniques..that will give you skills to take home, tell others and start using immediately to better your life, your relationships, your future and finances.”

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Keynotes to inspire, enthuse & engage your team.

Amanda knows how to deliver high-impact deep scientific information based on the latest psychology and neuroscience inside a hilarious presentation that will captivate your employees. They will leave connected and inspired to bring joy to their work –every day.


9 Ways to Enhance Wellbeing, Increase Sales, Boost Productivity and Find Your Joy Spot


How Optimism Connects, Motivates and Engages


3 Ways to Sell Smarter


3 Must - Have Skills for Change


Managing Change: Choosing Opportunity Over Fear

The Neuroscience of Leadership: What Leaders Should Know about Feelings and Performance

The Same But Different: Are Women Really from Venus?

Amanda’s best selling book Joy Is An Inside Job can change your life!  It will:

  • Give you 84 strategies to find your joy in everyday life!
  • Help you teach your children to be joyful.
  • Teach you how to feel good about yourself which dramatically improves your relationships and everything else!
  • Show you how to re-frame challenges in your life and turn them into blessings.
  • Teach you how to reconnect with your fun side.

"There is but one way to explain Joy Is an Inside Job. It is a life-changing ride on the expressway to joy. From the very first paragraph, I was mesmerized by the message, the tone, the examples, the questions, the quotations and the exercises. But most of all, I love the heartfelt way Amanda Gore and her inspiration, Lenore Lewis, tell the story in a compelling and interesting way. In every chapter, the reader discovers insights that are encouraging, emancipating, practical and thoughtful. They lift your spirits and give you hope that tomorrow will be a better day."

–Tony Mussari, Sr., Ph.D. Producer: The Face of America Project

Do you want to be joyful at work & at home?

Amanda has created an online course that is designed to re-wire your brain for JOY!

You can use it personally to change your life and how you feel, or consider using it as a delegate gift. Speak to Amanda on pricing if you are wanting to give a large number of people a skill based course that can reinforce the messages they learned at the conference.

The course - called WIRED FOR JOY - will teach you:

  • how to feel great about yourself
  • how to find joy in every day
  • how to find your joy spot
  • how to improve your relationships
  • how to find (and keep!) inner peace
  • how to raise joyful children

and much more in simple, easy steps!


Join more than 1 MILLION people in 20+ countries who are joyfully expanding their businesses - and their profits.

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