12 Secrets No One Tells You About Being A Great Speaker

No matter what business you are in, there will be a time when you have to present some ideas to a group, your boss or colleagues – it’s your time to influence others.

Or maybe you are presenting at a wedding or personal event – these secrets apply to any presentation you have to do anywhere to any number of people!

Or they apply to a simple conversation you are having with a child or family member in order to give them your point of view (read – ‘get them to do what you want them to do’!!).

They also apply to anyone who wants to have more influence with people one to one or when presenting ideas.

If you are a CEO, meeting planner or senior manager it’s important that you pay attention to some of these secrets, as your team may be more inspired with this ‘process vs only content’ approach to a presentation/meeting or interaction.

Many times, a senior executive or manager stands up and wants to inspire the team but fails to do anything except TELL them how passionate they are – yet if you were in the audience listening, you would never realize it!

I became a speaker after meeting Ron Tacchi at the first conference I ever presented.

He listened as the MC and when I had finished said “you should be a speaker” and I said, “what’s a speaker?”!  Needless to say, he had a lot of coaching to do and bless him – he did!  For the next 5 years he taught me so many things I rarely hear now.

On top of that I have been studying with Michael Grinder who is an ‘educators educator’; a master of non- verbal communication and the process of delivering content so it’s memorable and effective. He is a must to study with if you are serious about being a great speaker or a person who speaks with influence.

To discover the SECRETS please download from here  Amanda Gore 12 Secrets of being a GREAT Speaker Ebook

Do you have any tips or secrets that you would add?


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    Thank you Really great secrets unveiled

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