14 Ways to Stay Stressed

For those of you with perfectionist tendencies, here is your dream list! Fourteen ways you can ensure you wake up stressed and stay that way all day! It’s a perfect recipe for relationship problems, career problems, future heart attacks and unhappy families.

1. Stop breathing – breathe shallow and high and you can be permanently tense.

2. Have an angry hostile heart – it will make you sick and ruin your life.

3. Imagine the worst. Whenever possible, say negative things to yourself.

4. Rush a lot – always feel pressured by lack of time.

5. Never take time out for yourself – it’s always too relaxing and re-energizing

6. Always expect the worst. That way you’re never disappointed!

7. Be a perfectionist. That way nothing is ever the way you want it.

8. Never be grateful – for anything!

9. Love no one – especially yourself.

10. Be frightened – no, terrified – of change. This guarantees a high stress level permanently.

11. Hang around energy suckers who leave you feeling drained

12. Avoid all feelings – live permanently in your head.

13. Stay disconnected from yourself and others. Do not have friends and alienate your family!

14. Smoke and drink too much.

So there you have it – a simple step by step process for eliminating all joy from your life! Just as you can easily follow these – you can almost as easily decide to do the opposite – so you have a recipe for joy and happy families!

By Amanda Gore

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