6 Ways To Increase Your Joy

No matter how you look at it, comparisons will ruin your joy!

Comparison is the cousin of judgment. It serves no purpose other than to make you feel discontented with what you have. STOP IT!

Here are 6 ways to increase your joy:

1. STOP comparing how you look with how others look.

2. STOP comparing your work with what others do.

3. STOP comparing your possessions with what others have.

4. STOP comparing how many friends you have compared to others.

5. STOP comparing how the boss treats you and others.

6. STOP comparing your circumstances and theapparentcircumstances of others.

Instead, find gratitude for everything you have and everyone in your life. And, everything you don’t have – there is a reason for it!

When you choose gratitude over comparison – life changes!

Begin today.






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