7 Tips to Embrace the Year of WTF

1. Re-frame the whole COVID experience as the ‘Great Awakening’! Wake up to what really is going on and even though it might be (extremely) challenging, consciously choose to take any time you have to work ON yourself and your life so that when our liberties are restored – you can fully live – not just exist! Become your own inner travel agent and do the deep work to help you blossom into the astonishing essence and energy you truly are.

2. No one likes living with uncertainty. This is great practice to become comfortable with uncertainty. No, it isn’t easy but it’s a great practice. Life is uncertain all the time – not just now and most of us hate uncertainty. Take action and do your best – and allow things to unfold and flow. Listen to your intuition and do what your gut tells you to do! 

3. It’s a fabulous opportunity to eradicate fear. Fear is the REAL virus damaging most of us far more than any virus. Whenever you feel fear, stop and observe the story you are telling yourself. There IS a story. And that story will be from an old pattern or from watching the mainstream media too much! Do your own research and educate yourself. There is a lot out there that is valid science that will allay your fears. Focusing on fear will only deplete your immune system which will make you susceptible to ANY virus or illness.

4. This is a fantastic time to experience the impact of being present in every moment – and how it reduces stress. Allow nature to guide you as my mentor David said to me – so in every moment, BE in that moment. Notice what is around you and what is happening around you. Notice who you are feeling. Notice what you are saying to yourself to make yourself feel that way. Notice how you can actually change what you say to yourself and focus on the goodness or opportunity to grow in the present moment. Avoid ALL thoughts that involve a ’next’ or a ‘what if…’. Focus on ‘what IS’. And deal with it – grow up and be responsible with your thinking.

5. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn to feel. ‘Life is not all about feeling good. It’s about being good at feeling.’ I learned this during COVID. I realised I have shut my heart down for most of my life and although I had emotions, I really didn’t feel! Because of COVID, I was not busy with work and I had time to go through a very painful but rewarding process of allowing pent up feelings to flow through – mostly pain and anguish! 

6. Alvin Toffler said ‘Intelligence in the future will not be measured by the ability to read and write. It will be measured by the ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn.’ Use this time to challenge your long held beliefs about everything! What you have learned is JUST what you have learned. Take responsibility for your knowledge and research for yourself – find source documents and take control of the information you are absorbing. 

7. Show up! This is an awesome time to actually SHOW UP! As your best version. Spread optimism and joy rather than fear and uncertainty or frustration. Challenge yourself to be the best you can be in every moment – and give yourself permission to learn if you don’t quite make it every day! Review your behaviours every night – and see where you were your authentic self showing up and honouring yourself and others – and where you didn’t! Where you worried about what others thought and let that fear stop you being true to yourself. Be honest with yourself about how you feel about yourself and do the work to feel good about yourself and know you are awesome! We are all awesome – some of us have work to do to be authentically awesome!