Amanda Gore – Educator of the Year 2021

I was honoured by the Professional Speakers Association this past weekend – and I am deeply grateful.

I was awarded the Educator of the Year Award! I think I was born an educator! No wonder they called me motor mouth at school. LOL.

Even as a physio, I used to teach my patients how to treat themselves so they could progress more quickly. Lifelong learning is one of my strongest values and I strive to keep learning new content and information as well as learn more about myself so I can share from experience – not just book or research knowledge! 

One of my latest ‘creations’ is based on 3 main tenets:

1. ‘Who you are shouts so loudly I can’t hear what you say’ Ralph Waldo Emerson. Knowing yourself and being authentic matters!

2. ‘Intelligence in the future will not be measured by the ability to read and write. It will be measured by the ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn’ Alvin Toffler. These are critical skills at adapting to change at this moment in time.

3. Work ON yourself and your life – not just get lost IN the stress and chaos of life and work. This is the only path to actually fully living through this experience rather than just existing!

Please let us know if you would be interested in chatting to us about how we could support your outcomes and organisation by creating a bespoke keynote, training or program designed specifically for your needs. 


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