Amanda Gore is a stand-out and creates energy and engagement both live and virtually.

One of the most essential ingredients for a great conference is the keynote speaker. 

Working with a seasoned audience who have experienced hundreds of motivational speakers, I avoid speakers that deliver the same-old-same-old messages in a way that provokes weariness. 

I first selected Amanda in 2008 as an afternoon speaker for an international trade association’s annual meeting.  I sought a celebratory keynote for the morning, and Amanda’s speaking-slot was the difficult after-lunch position. 

Our meeting theme that year was “connect,” and our celebratory speaker had done little to help with that message. Amanda took the stage and dazzled us all for an hour. She has an ability to read her audience and deliver the energy and messages they need. People emerged engaged and energized as they literally buzzed around the event reciting messages from her talk throughout the conference’s remaining days. 

Evaluations that year cited her as not only one of the best speakers they’d experienced but also someone who delivered content that had a direct impact on their lives. 

I wasn’t surprised because the power of Amanda’s presence was apparent even through the phone.  What I did not anticipate, however, was how her message’s poignancy would impact me personally. Through her presentation, I, too, learned some valuable techniques that I still carry with me today in my personal and business roles. 

Our organization never repeats speakers.  But after less than stellar luck with high-profile speakers whose stuffiness prevented them from engaging our audience, we invited Amanda back to help us again.

She delivered a big win for our opening session; she went above and beyond, arriving from across the globe and delivering the most upbeat and energizing opening session we’d had in years. The attendees walked out of the session practically dancing.  This energy continued to flow throughout the conference. 

It was easy to discern the conference attendees who attended Amanda’s morning session from those who chose to sleep.  

Amanda went on to do a small CEO-to-CEO session and an in-depth workshop for us. The evaluations were some of the highest ever received.

When the pandemic hit, we realized that we wouldn’t be meeting in-person.  Once again, I reached out to Amanda to be our keynote for our first-ever virtual event. 

She spent hours working with me to make sure her message would convey as well over the computer as it does in person. And, once again, she delivered a brand-new, authentically wonderful message that the audience needed to hear.

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with 100s of professional speakers. Amanda Gore is a stand-out. I’m so appreciative of the work she does.

Melissa Brunton, Senior Vice President, Education and Meeting Services, Direct Selling Association