Amanda Gore Virtually! Engaging. Funny. Energetic. Interactive – it’s possible!

Along with many others, Amanda’s world as a speaker was transformed overnight with COVID. Her journey of pivoting and re evaluating everything she was doing has deepened her level of empathy and experience and has given her many new stories and concepts that are so relevant for adapting to ongoing change, new ways of working, re-connection as well as strategies for staying mentally, emotionally and physically well. Which all revolve around how we choose to perceive what is going on in our lives.

To make her virtual presentations as effective as her live ones, Amanda has a professional quality studio set up and specialises on ‘personally’ connecting through the camera. She has taught people in the past how to be engaging and lively on video so she knows how to make a virtual presentation or pre record appear live – and how to really connect with individuals or groups watching via video – using the principles of quantum physics and group dynamics.

Like to find out more on how Amanda can connect your group virtually please email or call +61 414282218. We would love to hear from you.