Are You an Energy Sucker or an Energy Giver?

Does this happen to you? You wake up in the morning, you have some energy and you walk out you encounter someone else. At the end of 5 minutes with this person you walk away with shoulders slumped saying ‘oh geez, I feel terrible.’ We can now prove in quantum physics that there is an energy exchange between people – we literally give and receive energy. Unfortunately there are people out there who are energy suckers! I call them psychic vampires – they go through life sucking up energy and leaving a trail of hulks behind them.

Have you ever been in a workplace where there is one ‘energy sucker’? Someone who is pessimistic, frustrated, angry or cynical or doesn’t pull their weight? When they leave what happens? It’s as if the sun comes out! People laugh, are productive again and teams collaborate well. Performance improves.

I have the perfect symbol for energy suckers – Wally – nothing good ever happens to Wally or so he perceives‚ because for Wally, life sucks no matter what happens! Children love playing with Wally ears which you can buy from my website (someone always asks!).

energy sucker

Are you an Eeyore?

How many of you do this? You go through a whole day of work and you are lovely, kind, thoughtful, patient, witty, and tolerant to complete strangers all day long. You jump in the car to go home and you turn into Eeyore! You have given energy all day and now you have become an energy sucker for your family – the people who care for you more than anyone! It’s impossible to have great relationships with people when you are an energy sucker. You need to be an energy giver‚ but you need to have energy to give.

Many people are not good at doing things to boost their own energy – they give energy all day long and leave no time for themselves.

We need to take time to give energy to ourselves.

My symbol for an energy giver is Sparky- the baby kangaroo!

3 Day workshop retreat 017Annette Sym and I being energy givers 🙂

Have a set of these ears – or Sparky the baby kangaroo ears I call them now – in your car – every night when you are going home – throw off the Wally ears and put on some Sparky ears!

Sometimes in a stressful period, we can change from an energy giver to a sucker. Everyone around us soon tires of being drained and they start to avoid us. So energy sucking can be triggered by a temporary period of great stress – but rather than suck another person’s energy, why not do more things for yourself to boost your own reserves? Particularly when you believe you have NO time for yourself to ‘indulge’ in luxuries like a massage or a trip to a comedy movie. This is exactly the time you owe it to yourself and to those around you to do what I consider essential – taking responsibility for your own needs.

Your goal is to become so energized that you are like a positively radiating light bulb!

Watch this video on Letting go and Feeling Blessed – I guarantee you will have more energy after watching it.

Your turn – what gives you energy?

Zooties Amanda

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