Ask for Blessings – Believe and Receive

What do you want your life to look like at the end of the adventure of 2015? Grab a piece of paper (and maybe a glass of wine!) and make a list of all the areas on your life – work, family, relationship, health, finances, self, learning, growth, friends, lifestyle etc.

Under each of those headings write a general picture of the main qualities you would like – be wary of being too prescriptive or specific. Sometimes we THINK we know what we want but it’s not really what we need!If you are too specific, the Universe/ God/ Spiritual realms may have their hands tied in bringing in your blessings!

In a book called “The Prayer of Jabez”, St Peter is showing a new entrant around. When asked what a huge white building with no windows was, St Peter replied “You don’t want to know!” The man insisted. Finally, he was taken to it and saw millions of beautiful wrapped gifts inside.He asked what they were. St Peter replied “These are all the blessings people did not ask for while they were on earth!”

So make your list, but leave room for the blessings that may not always look like blessings at the time. You may be certain that you want a promotion or relationship and when it doesn’t happen, you are distraught. Only to realize 6 months later that in fact, it was indeed a blessing!

So plan, generically –for example,to be joyful in your relationships and work, ask for ALL your blessings, believe that it will happen then relax, and let the universe deliver. Important – you HAVE to believe!

Plan generally, ask for blessings, believe and receive!

Zooties, Amanda

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