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You Can Change Your Life By Changing Your Story!

I am sitting today in the apartment of an amazing young woman! She moved everything from Australia to the USA to follow her dream of helping as many people as Oprah by sharing stories that heal! She is an astonishing young woman whom I think will really make a big difference in the world. I…

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3 Secrets to Avoid The Time Crunch

The Time Crunch I don’t know about anyone else but 2013 has started off with a big bang for me! It has felt like a roller coaster as time seems to have condensed even more! My presentations that are 90 minutes seem to be over in what feels like 10 minutes – It’s almost like…

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The most important thing in your life!

THE most important thing is life is how you feel about yourself! If you have ever been in love – do you remember how you felt in the early days of the relationship? Fabulous! Life was great – everything looked wonderful; things flowed; people were nicer, kinder and more interesting!; You laughed more; others loved…

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