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The Power of Giving

Last month I was very grateful to be invited to speak to a large group of Orthodontists who were innovative and exciting! They had brought a dynamic and incredibly creative group from Spain – who are setting up a base in the USA.  It wasn’t until I returned home that I received the above-compiled video from the…

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Joy is good for business

In the last couple of years, I have had the great honour of working with many leaders who are seeing the value of fostering joy at work.  Recently another article from Harvard with some research on areas at work that increase joy.  Add these findings to Shawn Achor’s research on happiness at work and its…

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Why Amanda Gore should be your next keynote speaker!

Amanda Gore is one of Australia’s and the USA’s favourite conference keynote speaker. Amanda is CEO of The Joy Project, an author, speaker, Huffington Post columnist and business woman. She is one of 4 Australians inducted into the USA Speaker Hall of Fame. She works with small and large organisations like Flight Centre, Google, McDonalds,…

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12 Secrets No One Tells You About Being A Great Speaker

No matter what business you are in, there will be a time when you have to present some ideas to a group, your boss or colleagues – it’s your time to influence others. Or maybe you are presenting at a wedding or personal event – these secrets apply to any presentation you have to do…

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The Power of Feelings in Business

Feelings in Business

Ask yourself this question…how much have humans really fundamentally changed in the last 1000 years? What still really matters when all the trappings of the western world are taken away? What are the most current problems for people at work? Who was the best boss you ever had – and why? More and more science…

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Connection: Why it is Critical to Business

Emotional intelligence is all about being connected. Connection is the key to all life let alone business – because it creates feelings. And feelings are at the core of ALL successful businesses – whether it is sales, customer service, leadership, teams or anything else! Why is connection important? Research shows us that people who are…

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5 Ways to Make Your Workplace Fun

Joyful workplaces are buzzing with people bursting with energy, vitality and enthusiasm! They love what they do and feel they are important at work – and do important work! Here are five ways to make your your workplace a fun place to be! 1. Give others permission to be joyful! Our first step to creating…

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Feeling Good About Yourself – Why Your Wellness Is The Key

This week I was listening to a presentation on WHY clients would book a speaker – or any consultant. And of course it was for the BENEFITS that person or service can bring and the RESULTS. Happiness is now definitively seen as beneficial to the bottom line – with improvements in sales of 37%; productivity of 43%; reduction in…

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How to make people remember you

Based on work by Lila Davachi (Ph D and Professor at NYU). Tobias Kiefer (VP Learning and Development) and David Rock (author of Your Brain at Work), at the Neuroleadership Summit, there is now a formula to enhance memory and learning! A= Attention G= Generation E= Emotion S= Spacing Focused attention is critical for memory…

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