Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

A review at Harvard showed that customers will consistently come back to people they like – 80% of what brings them back is the personality of the person ‚Ķ20% is the skill. Think about that – 80% of what brings people back is your personality! But that’s just one part of the equation. Here is another part – in the field of Emotional intelligence it has now been proven that the mood of the leader will determine the mood of the organization. Your mood as an individual professional will determine the mood of the person who comes in to see you .


Say something terrible has happened to you at home, and you come into work and you are angry, upset and you are feeling that life sucks and you go BLAH! all over everyone you encounter‚Ķ and BLAH! all over your team. You don’t do it consciously – it just happens as a consequence of your mood. But if you off load your mood on others – you will lose EVERYONE!

Your mood and your personality matter. The more enthusiastic you are, and the more enthusiasm and connection you have with people, the better your business will be.

Here is 90 second video illustrating the above (literally!)

Watch and enjoy! Share it with your organization!

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Further Reading

From the Harvard Business Review – Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership

By Amanda Gore | Motivational Keynote Speaker



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