There was B2B; now there is B2P – and P2P

This morning on my way to the airport for a trip to the USA, I was listening to the global CEO of Rio Tinto – a giant mining company. He was talking about the importance of creating a new approach in business – not B2B but B2P.  Business to people. Mind you, I prefer P2P because that’s really what it actually is! No matter your title – there is no business without relationships and there are no relationships without people!

My understanding of what he was saying was that there needs to be more transparency and discussions about important aspects that affect everyone between corporations, communities and people within the organisation.

I was excited when I heard him speak because although he didn’t say it directly, what he implied was that feelings matter in business. HE mentioned trust, connection and communication. It’s a start! And it’s true – business IS all about feelings as I wrote in a recent post because business is made up of people! And people are run by the fuel of feelings!

And that’s where Fully Living comes in.

Michel Gerber wrote a book called The E Myth many years ago and one of it’s core concepts was that entrepreneurs fail because they are too busy working IN their business and don’t take time out to work ON their business.

I believe we do the same in our lives. People are so busy running around IN their lives and never working ON their lives, that they are just existing. They race from day to day and exist until the holidays or the kids leave home or some future event magically takes away the stress and brings in living!

This was brought home to me when my three best friends and I were sitting and consciously working ON our lives to be the best version of ourselves. With a blinding flash of the obvious after some fairly intense work, Lorraine Mill (an astonishing woman) said ‘none of us are living! We are not fully living.’ We recognised we had all been so focused on serving others and working to make a difference that we had forgotten to actually live along the way!

Which then raised the dilemma of what does fully living mean?!

It’s a work in progress but I wanted to share with you the journey so far – because there are many many lessons for many of us in it.

So we were determined that we would start actually fully living! We made changes – big changes in our lives that took work and courage. We were committed to being the best we could be and to feel fully alive, so we were willing to do the work and face the challenges. The results have been amazing and life has truly changed.

We have now created a company to help others fully live. We will see how it unfolds over time but at the moment, we have a webpage that allows you to enquire and watch a film trailer that Dr David Martin narrates and gives you a little more idea of what we are doing. At this stage, it’s working with companies to make them truly B to P; to help leaders understand the value of humanity and honouring others which of course in turn leads to high performance and results. We are putting on seminars to help people being their journey to fully living. We are showing the film and both David and his wife Kim, Lorraine and I are speaking at events and conferences on how to fully live – at home and work.

It’s exciting, inspiring and fabulous to be working with amazing people. I am very grateful – which is one of the core components of fully living! CHOOSING to see what happens in your world through the lens of gratitude. Even for the hard lessons you learn; for the challenges you experience and seeing everything as a chance to take responsibility for yourself and create the life you want.

Are you so busy working IN and ‘doing’ your life, rushing from one place to another, hanging out for a break or vacation at which point you realise you can breathe and enjoy a few moments – before it all starts again?

Are you waking up thinking ‘there must be more to life than this grind/treadmill etc.’

Are you permanently exhausted or stressed and just wish you had more energy or joy?

Are relationships a challenge in your life?

Or are you committed to being the best version of yourself?

Then make a decision to work ON your life. Not just IN your life. Do something different – whether it’s consciously taking time out to examine what you would like create in your life (yes – you are the creator of your life!) and then taking steps to make that happen; or to choose to reframe everything with gratitude; or to change old patterns and ways of thinking (which is what patterns are!) so you ‘get out of the rut’ and can see new possibilities. There are many things you can do if you wake up and realise you are just existing…it’s time now to choose to fully live.

Decide what that looks and feels like for you – then go for it!

If you need help, direction, speaking, training or guidance – ask us!

Visit this link and let us know what you are interested in – at a corporate or personal level. Few people realise that one of the most potent ways to be an outstanding leader/colleague/ partner is to grow and develop personally!

Meantime – P2P – from me to you, I hope you find yourself questioning the life you have co-created and if you feel you are the best version of you. You may be and your life may be exactly what you want and if not, you now have some strategies to FULLY LIVE!


Amanda Gore


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