This week I was listening to a presentation on WHY clients would book a speaker – or any consultant. And of course it was for the BENEFITS that person or service can bring and the RESULTS.

Happiness is now definitively seen as beneficial to the bottom line – with improvements in sales of 37%; productivity of 43%; reduction in turnover of 55%and 125% less burnout proven.


Amanada Gore

JOY takes happiness to a different dimension by incorporating all the aspects of well being/ thriving including happiness!

Joy is an inside job. It’s a much deeper, more complex emotion and comes from a strong and positive sense of self and well being.

How you feel about yourself changes everything! It’s at the core of cultural change.

If you feel good about yourself, collaboration, communication and support of others is automatic – making individuals more engaged and teams more effective. People who feel good about themselves make much better leaders and colleagues because they can focus on helping others feel good about themselves. Great customer service begins with people feeling good about themselves and what they do – with a sense of purpose, meaning and serving.

Joyful, fear free workplaces enhance creativity.

So if you need to improve productivity, collaboration and team work, sell more, have stellar customer service, more effective leaders and a less stressful workplace – as well as a really memorable session where people engage, connect and feel great consider me, Amanda Gore for your next opening or closing keynote!

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