Feeling Good About Yourself – Why Your Wellness Is The Key

Recently, I was listening to a presentation on WHY clients would book a speaker – or any consultant. And of course it was for the benefits that person or service can bring and the results. This has not changed as a result of COVID! In fact, in some ways it’s even more important now at a time when mental health issues are skyrocketing.

Happiness is now definitively seen as beneficial to the bottom line – with improvements in sales of 37%; productivity of 43%; reduction in turnover of 55%and 125% less burnout proven. 

Our challenge at this time in our history, is to work out how to develop in people the knowledge, discernment and skills they require to take responsibility for their own sense of safety, happiness and self worth – under different circumstances.

In some ways, this whole ‘COVID experience’ has been a fabulous time to work ON ourselves before we are old and realise we are unhappy! And to not just be lost IN the busy chaos of our lives. To focus on what really matters. To explore the roots of our patterns of behaviour and – bottom line – WHO we really are. And WHAT is the unique gift we bring for the world.


Amanada Gore

Joy takes happiness to a different dimension by integrating all the aspects of well being/ thriving including happiness! Since COVID, mental health challenges are being experienced by so many people as we have all had to learn how to adapt to new ways of working and living. 

The loss of connection with colleagues and team members is one of the most challenging aspects and we have heard from our clients that staying connected and keeping teams engaged is the aspect that currently concerns them most. 

Our lifestyles today facilitate us losing touch with the basics of humanity and that we live and work with humans! Who feel and need care and touch and love. And at our best, when we feel most peace, we operate from our hearts. And it’s that heart to heart connection we are truly missing. We can do it over zoom but it’s better in person – with a hug or not!
The core way to connect people and engage them is to help them feel 
• good about themselves and 
• that someone cares about them and 
• as leaders, wants to facilitate their growth and development. 

Joy is an inside job. It’s a much deeper, more complex emotion and at its core, comes from a strong and positive sense of self (who we really are – not the story we tell ourselves) and well being.

How you feel about yourself changes everything! It’s at the core of cultural change. It’s at the core of all great businesses.

If you feel good about yourself, collaboration, communication and support of others is automatic – making individuals more engaged and teams more effective

People who feel good about themselves make much better leaders and colleagues because they can focus on helping others feel good about themselves. 

Great customer service begins with people feeling good about themselves and what they do – with a sense of purpose, meaning and serving. 

Joyful, fear free workplaces enhance creativity, innovation, engagement, collaboration, mental wellness and much more.

So if you need to improve mental health at work, promote a positive workplace – virtually and live, enhance engagement and productivity, collaboration and team work, sell more, have stellar customer service, more effective leaders and a less stressful workplace – as well as a really memorable session where people engage, connect and feel great, then I am shamelessly asking you to consider booking me for your next opening or closing keynote! If you don’t ask……!

Whether you choose virtual or live or hybrid – I have done all of these since COVID – and have set up a professional studio in my office as well as worked hard to make my virtuals as alive and live as possible! 
We have copied a couple of the testimonials from the virtual (mostly pre recorded for ease of technology for clients) and hybrid events below so you can see that people seem to love the engagement and are surprised by enthusiasm and take home value from their teams!
Please let us know if you would like us to contact you to discuss what might be possible – whether it’s for a virtual conference, team training or some other gathering that would benefit from a tailor made session to create a more joyful workplace or enhance leadership.

Amanda and Mel

To connect with us please email magic@amandagore.com

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amanda’s BIG Reset presentation helped our nurses rediscover joy and gratitude in our work and everyday lives using real-time strategies. She tailored a virtual presentation to help us incorporate our professional practice model and resiliency initiatives while including our families in the journey. This was a virtual first for us, and because of Amanda’s authentic, energized delivery, it will be shared again and again”. Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital Winfield

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