Find a Joy Buddy

Today – your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find yourself a JOY BUDDY! 

Or reconnect with the two you made at the conference where you saw me speak. 

Remember this time is all about connecting – and avoiding the devastating loneliness that can envelop people at a time when we are actually forced to ’socially isolate’. Humans are not meant too. We are built for connection. We crave it. We become sick without it. Our mental health suffers.

Your JOY BUDDIES – TWO of them! – are your antidote to loneliness, fear, anxiety and much more.

Read on for your mission – and how your connection can support each other not only now but in the future – they are your resilience AND Joy Buddies!

And remember – each week when you receive these emails, connect with your Joy Buddies and discuss your feelings or thoughts about each one.

Use these messages from us as triggers of the more important aspects of yourself and your life that you would like to explore.

If you are working with your Joy Buddies, discuss the changes you commit to make from week to week and support each other. Keep each other accountable. Laugh together!

The together bit is REALLY important right now!

Have fun!



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