Hearts In Nature

Wonderful Sylvia, who is an inspiration to me, sent me a link this morning – When you click on this link, you will be showered with hundreds of extraordinary heart shaped cactus images! It had me thinking about and searching for hearts in nature – I found ‘love’ everywhere! Here are just a few:


hearts in nature

It’s a brilliant way to remind yourself that you are surrounded by love! If you don’t feel it from people then look for it in nature! There are so many ways we can see hearts and reminders of what really matters in nature. I thought the images Sylvia shared and that I found were just incredible.

What about making it your mission to go forth today and for this week – heck why not the month! – and have an adventure with yourself or your children. Your mission? To find as many heart shaped things in nature as possible. Start with rocks; clover; plants and move onto heart shaped images on animals and in clouds – anywhere you can look. Draw hearts on the sand and take photos. Perhaps you can send us photos of what you find? Or post them on my Facebook page. I would love to see them.

I have no idea how hearts and love became entwined – but it’s a universal symbol. Zooties are little hearts going from mine to yours – or from one heart to another – and you can see the story of how these were a gift from my mother here in this video.

If you can’t find many hearts in nature then SEND hearts from your heart to others hearts! And watch your relationships change. Seriously – when you see everyone with the eyes of love – with zooties – at many levels things change. People sense the changes – and they respond.

Who needs zooties in your life?

Go forth today and find the hearts in nature and the love inside yourself.

Zooties to you,


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  1. Jenny Lynne on April 22, 2020 at 10:17 pm

    Love this!!! We are kindred spirits. My mission is to find hearts in nature, share them and inspire others to find them!

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