How Serving Others Will Help You to Succeed

Your job is your job, but it can also be your work, depending on how you look at it and how you do it.

Your work is manna for the soul. It fulfills you and satisfies you, and it usually involves serving others.

Go to your job today and make it your work.

Everyone in every job serves others in some way – the boss, colleagues, customers, clients, the country or the community. It does not matter how lowly you feel your job is, you are part of a serving team. Teams only function well when all parts do their best to work with and serve all the others.

Author and inventor Buckminster Fuller said:
[quote]”The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”[/quote]

That means that when we all connect and contribute to the team, the results are much better. Ambitious, selfish people who ignore, harm or cut down others for their own personal goals may realize apparent short-term success, but their success will probably not last, and they will not be happy, fulfilled or satisfied. They will not be honored because they are not honoring others.

People who think, “My pie will be smaller if you have some of it!” don’t understand the laws of life!

Giving more, helping more, and serving more can only bring you more – although that should not be your motivation, of course!

Your motivation is to serve others and when you focus on that, you may be surprised at how joy, contentment, fulfillment, satisfaction and financial rewards appear in your life.

It just magically flows in while you are focused on others.

If you know in your heart that the job you are in is not for you, complete your tasks and do the job the best you can while you look for your real work. This will make your job less arduous and may miraculously lead you to your real work.

Never grumble again about your job!

For starters, you have one – millions don’t. Be grateful!

You also have the choice to make your job enjoyable, even if it is making beds in a motel, and there is a football team in the room making suggestive comments about you! Yes – this happened to me. And although it was not the most pleasant experience, I smiled and laughed as I told them I would come back later – when they had gone!

The more you grumble and complain, the less people want to be around you and the more you gather other grumbling, complaining spirit “foofers”. When you complain you are creating your own special set of storm clouds. You are not contributing to the team – in fact, you may be aiding in destroying it.

Never underestimate the power of one spirit “foofer” on a whole organization.

If that is you, stop that today! Stop any negative thoughts about your job.

Enthusiastically find good things instead; become a spirit igniter; serve others the best you can, and find your work.

It may be right under your nose!

By Amanda Gore


  1. Todd on September 16, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    Can you define what a Foofer actually is? I attended one of your seminars lately and was trying to explain it to someone who was not at the event but had trouble putting it into the correct words. Could you please simplify the definition of a “Foofer” for me? Thanks

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