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What we tell ourselves, the stories we repeat inside our heads about ourselves and others create our perceptions, expectations and therefore reality! So if we can change our mindset by changing our beliefs; and change our beliefs by changing our thoughts – you begin to see how critical it is to be conscious of our thoughts and choose consciously.

Did you know we are unconscious of our thoughts 95-99% of the time? And our thoughts rule everything.

Our thoughts determine how we feel about ourselves. And others.

  • Imagine if you felt calm and peaceful – yet at the same time, really alive. Yes – it IS possible!
  • Imagine if you felt really good about yourself and knew who you were!
  • Imagine if your relationships with others improved. How would you feel?
  • What if you had more energy and vitality – and a renewed enthusiasm for life?
  • Or what if you could change your mood so you didn’t need to seek out other stimulants/’vices’?
  • What if you made conscious choices and could change the way you think?
  • How would you feel if you found your purpose in life – and elt fulfilled?
  • Or what if you started sleeping really soundly, had energy, lost the weight that has been bothering
    you and felt healthier than you have in years?
  • Overall, what would life be like if you felt joyful most of the time!

3 X 3 Weeks To Rewire Your Brain

Joy Mindset

It takes at least 3 x 3 weeks to rewire a new program into the brain, which is why we created this 12 week online course.

Did you know we are unconscious of our thoughts 95-99% of the time? And our thoughts rule everything.

Our thoughts determine how we feel about ourselves. And others.

We implemented the principles of the book and the online program into a primary school in Adelaide. There, the amazing Principle John Clarke and his wonderful team have transformed the way the students are feeling, operating at school and in the world.

They incorporated exercises from the chapters in the book as part of the curriculum. They have taught the children to be conscious of their thoughts and how they have control over them; how to feel and to recognise what they feel; how to feel good about themselves and accept themselves as they are – yet still develop a growth mindset.

Every day for 12 weeks, you can do one easy, simple exercise (joy-excises) and you can create the life you want – literally! Or be well on your way to it.

If you think there is value in this course for you or for a friend or relative, we would love it if you spread the joy!


Please consider having your whole family do the course together – you can make each joy-excise a discussion at dinner. It’s a brilliant way to teach children how to change and take charge of their thinking. Even with your older children who live some distance from you, you can all electronically meet each week to discuss what happened for you when you chose to see the world with gratitude and did the joy-ercises.


At work, you could begin each staff meeting with the joy-ercise of the day! Or at least use the joy secret of the week as a ‘theme’ for the staff meeting. Eg Today we will focus on gratitude…


If you have a small band of friends, instead of a book club, create a Joy Club of Joy Buddies and you get together each week and you can do the same daily joy-excise every day for a week and then meet and discuss what happened. I love this idea because it means you have 84 weeks of re-wiring your brain! And your life and mindset will most definitely change for the better!


If you are a teacher, you could spend a bit of time each week, and teach your students some of the concepts I have written and do an exercise with them like our School Joy Project in Adelaide. Create a culture in your classroom of Joy Buddies who help each other become more joyful. Or become a volunteer at the school dedicated to teaching and modelling joy, mindset and joyful thinking.

If you would like to begin the Joy re-wiring process, click the link below and join today.

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