How to make people remember you

Based on work by Lila Davachi (Ph D and Professor at NYU). Tobias Kiefer (VP Learning and Development) and David Rock (author of Your Brain at Work), at the Neuroleadership Summit, there is now a formula to enhance memory and learning!

A= Attention

G= Generation

E= Emotion

S= Spacing

Focused attention is critical for memory – so that means multitasking is out if you want to remember! And it means that you may well NOT learn better with music blaring in your ears, or remember what a speaker said if you are texting or if you are driving

Be present! If you want your team/employees/customers to remember make sure they are listening with no distractions as you show/teach them new stuff!

Once information is in the brain system,generationor making it personally relevant is important. If you use stories and make a point and then demonstrate how that information is relevant for them – they will remember for years.

At literally EVERY meeting I speak at in Australia, there is one person who comes up and tells me something I taught them 20 or more years ago! Because I present the information in an engaging way that keeps their attention and I tell stories that link what I am teaching to their experiences!

If you add emotion to that mix – you make them laugh or cry or touch their hearts in some way – it is cemented in!

Rest periods during arduous physical tasks allow us to do more, and rest periods while learning allow us to learn better. And although they didn’t teach this – I bet if you did a bit of physical activity in that rest it would be even more effective!

So there- your secret to the wisdom of the AGES!!

Touch their hearts, keep them engaged, take exercise breaks and tell stories and they will remember you forever!



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