It’s Always Sunny Above The Clouds! – Part I

We had just taken off from some airport in the U.S. on a particularly stormy day — it was bumpy and rough and a bit scary, but then we passed through the clouds, and it was the most gorgeous, sunny clear blue sky!

It suddenly dawned on me that it’s ALWAYS sunny above the clouds! What a great metaphor for life. No matter what horrible circumstances we are going through, it’s always sunny again some day! Not that we can see it at the time. That’s where cheerful enthusiasm as a joy secret comes in. Too many people fall into the trap of hopelessness when things are dark and stormy. It seems like this drama will never end, life will never improve, and things will always be tough.

Never give up!

It’s a choice whether we give into this head thinking or whether we go to the source of cheerful enthusiasm and faith — the heart!

There is always help — always.

Either from the physical planes or the spiritual. Seek that help and maintain that belief in your heart that things happen for a reason, that most of the time we will never understand the totality of that reason, and that things always improve if we maintain our faith and trust.

The easiest example of this is when a relationship breaks up. We are devastated. Life is over. How will we ever find anyone this good again to love? How will we live without this person? And so on. I have done this myself many times! Yet, six months (or less) later we realize that this devastating break up was in fact a HUGE blessing! That we were saved from making an enormous mistake that would have negatively influenced us for many years. It was, in fact, a lucky escape!

Or losing a job. At the time, you are crushed and desperately worried. If you give in to that fear and angst, your creativity, resourcefulness, drive and motivation dive and your chances of exploring every avenue are limited.

Choose to think of these things as “forced” opportunities! And lessons in opening yourself up to new possibilities. What is out there that you have not been seeing before — what path are you REALLY meant to be on? These experiences are potential signposts for you!

Can you think of other scenarios in your life where this has been the case — where you can use the “benefit” of hindsight?

Use Hindsight Earlier!

Well, let’s bring hindsight in earlier! Face everything that happens to you with cheerful enthusiasm and that you will understand one day soon why it happened and see it as a new, exciting exploration of yourself and life potential!

It’s a choice! Based on a belief. Our beliefs create the stories we tell ourselves. We can change our beliefs and therefore our stories — it takes work but we can do it. That’s where the secrets of joy come in.

What is really causing your gloom?

Very often the things we think are causing us grief are not the real issue. If we are willing to do the work of diving into our fears and exploring them, it turns out that the misery we feel is not really because of someone else or something else.

I have had to work through this so many times myself — I keep thinking I have dealt with something and then I realize I have only peeled back the superficial layers of needing to control everything (for example!).

Things that cause us grief and “steal” our joy are always things within us. They may manifest in external people or circumstances but our outer is a reflection of our inner — no matter how hard that is to actually believe!

Often it’s because we have a deep fear that we are not worthy or good enough or we are being abandoned or will lose security, or be unsafe in some way. These are usually the core issues of our gloom.


To be continued next week….in Part II.


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