12 timeless secrets for abundance, radiant health and lifelong happiness

After selling 10,000 copies of The Gospel of Joy - it seemed time to update it! Although the essence of the message in this 2nd edition is the same, I have learned so much since I first wrote it 5 years ago and I have incorporated my new knowledge into this version which I have called Joy is an Inside Job.

How this book can change your life

Joy is an Inside Job will:

  • Give you 84 strategies to find your joy in everyday life!
  • Show you how to connect with your family AND at the same time as embed great values into your children (if you have them!)
  • Teach you how to feel good about yourself and therefore dramatically improve your relationships.
  • Show you how to re-frame challenges in your life and turn them into blessings.
  • Give you the secrets for performing better at work.
  • Teach you how to reconnect with your fun side.
  • Can help you lose weight, have better sex and be incredibly healthy! Ok - I am not absolutely sure of these last three but at least you had a good laugh! (Mind you, I actually think it will help you do all 3! But can't scientifically prove it!)

What is different?

There is a whole lot of new information in the energy and vitality section and I have made it a little more generic in terms of spirituality. It's a difficult call when you write a book like this to not offend anyone with your own beliefs! So, although I continue to believe in a spiritual God, I have make the book easier to read for those who don't share my personal beliefs.

I have also added more information on how to change and there are now little cartoons throughout the book making it, I hope , a more joyful experience to read! LOL! It's now 350 not 270 pages long!

One book - many formats

I am also recording the book in my voice - what do you call those - audio books? Well, whatever they are called I am doing one! And hopefully between that and the hard copy book and eBooks, we will reach our target.

Praise for Joy is an Inside Job

"There is but one way to explain Joy Is an Inside Job. It is a life-changing ride on the expressway to joy. From the very first paragraph, I was mesmerized by the message, the tone, the examples, the questions, the quotations and the exercises. But most of all, I love the heartfelt way Amanda Gore and her inspiration, Lenore Lewis, tell the story in a compelling and interesting way. In every chapter, the reader discovers insights that are encouraging, emancipating, practical and thoughtful. They lift your spirits and give you hope that tomorrow will be a better day."
- Tony Mussari, Sr., Ph.D. Producer: The Face of America Project