Leading Engagement

So many of my clients are telling me that one of their key issues is engaging their teams in the current hybrid environment.

As a leader, (or parent!), our job is to:

  1. Change people’s behaviour – which you can do in a heartbeat if you tell them a story that touches their heart
  2. Create and environment in which people can be the best they can be. Joy filled and fear free
  3. Help people believe in themselves because belief in your own ability is a better predictor of success than any level of skill

And why does focusing on joy at work matter in the corporate world? Because it increases sales 37%. It increases productivity 31%, lowers burnout 150% and increases creativity 300% according to research from Harvard. And..because when people feel safe, cared for, valued and love working with their colleagues they shine – they stay in that job, engage and contribute.

It’s why emotional intelligence in leaders matters so much! And is so essential for engagement. Recently a Forbes article highlighted the critical nature of connection for a sense of belonging in hybrid employees. 

Whether you work in a traditional work setting with everyone in the office (which is better for most humans because we all need that physical interaction with other humans), or in a hybrid environment, humans are still humans!  And we have not changed how we operate for thousands of years.

We all crave connection. We may not be so conscious of our craving that to heart connection and the feeling of belonging. That means feeling significant; that we are cared for; that we make a difference; that our contribution is recognised and valued; that we matter.

We also always want to feel safe. It’s desirable to feel challenged at times because it means we are growing and developing at work – and given the opportunity to do so. But it’s essential we feel safe. Yet we rarely have conversations out loud about this critical element at work. Have you created a culture as a leader where people feel they can speak freely and share their ideas and importantly, how they are feeling. 

Rarely do we focus on feelings at work but that is a humans operating system! And that is what matters to us. How we feel about our boss (how many times have you heard ‘people don’t leave jobs – they leave bosses’?); In a series of McKinsey articles, they say 56% of American workers say their boss is mildly or highly toxic; and 75% of Americans say their ‘boss is the most stressful part of their workday”. There is room for finding out how your team members are feeling! 

Also, how we feel about our colleagues; how we perceive they feel about us; how we feel about our job – do we feel we make a difference, we are valued, we are honoured and encouraged – you get the drift! It’s all about feelings.

Leaders who learn how to create an environment where people feel safe, seen, listened to, accepted, encouraged, offered opportunities to grow and develop, a culture in which they can develop confidence and belief in themselves, will be leaders who create engaged, successful and fulfilled teams.

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