My Purpose is to Help People See The Transformation In ‘Chrysalis Moments’!


At the right time, a beautiful caterpillar melts into an ooey gooey mess *and becomes a chrysalis, feels like life is over (and indeed that life is over) and then emerges more beautiful and wonderful than it could have imagined to begin a new form of life.

We are all going through our own version of an ooey gooey mess as we have lockdown forced on us and we live in fear, uncertainty and isolation. Everything seems surreal and we have no idea what is going to happen – just like the caterpillar.

But then a magical thing happens. In the the ooey gooey blackness. alchemy happens and a transformed, magnificent creature emerges ready for a new life. A very different life.

If you try to reduce the struggle a butterfly goes through to emerge from a chrysalis, its wings and body are deformed. It needs the pressure of the effort it takes to squeeze through the small opening of the chrysalis to create the perfect wings and body shape.

I am passionate about helping people see the value of any ‘Chrysalis Moment’ and give them the skills, tools and ideas for them to re-activate their full human potential and emerge transformed – more confident, grateful, inspired, more joyful and truly feeling vibrant and alive. 

In other words, how to transform this ooey gooey mess time into something incredibly valuable – not just worthwhile.

Not just to thrive – but to feel fully alive, joyful and be operating at their full potential.

(Remember joyful people and workplaces sell 37% more; are 31% more productive, make 18% less errors and have 125% less burnout. So yes, it does matter to the bottom line – in every way.)

 Imagine a world where people (or YOU!)

  • fully embraced their humanity – they lived with compassion, kindness and love
  • took responsibility for themselves and actively pursued growth and development
  • consciously chose to think in ways that elevated themselves and others
  • worked on re-activating their full human potential – to be their best
  • worked ON their lives , relationships and jobs rather than getting lost IN them
  • were focused, engaged in, grateful for and enjoyed their work – and their lives
  • understood their beliefs and perceptions were just that – beliefs and perceptions that can be changed
  • consciously had reverence for others and the environment in which they and we all live…
  • and more

That is a human operating at their full potential!

Ask yourself what were the Chrysalis Moments in your life – when everything seemed dark, terrible, awful. And yet you not only survived…but life changed in a way that you felt your life force return; and you looked back from your new found joy and could appreciate the value of that Chrysalis Moment.

I have had at least 4 in my life – where I was convinced nothing could get better; that I should just give up and live in a cave; that I would never find love again – and so on!! Yet at 65 I am happier than I have ever been. More authentic. More real. Happier – joyful at last. Feeling true life force flowing through me for the first time in my life! I chose to do the work that was prompted by my CM and reaped the rewards!

Reflect on those changes that emerged from your own ‘Chrysalis Moments’ – and perhaps you can feel excitement at what might emerge from this particular one – if you do the ‘work’ on yourself! As I have done! 

YOU are a potent human – who may or may not be fully alive – or have your potential fully activated. 

Your choice – how will you look at, and emerge from, this COVID experience? 

* source of chrysalis moments, and Fully Live.

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