Recreating Work – Post Covid

Well we are finally, almost, kind of back to work! Everything is different and a surprisingly large number of people are expressing concerns about coming back to the office – largely because it means interacting with people again – colleagues or customers.

This is a BIG issue! And fear is at the root of it. 

• Fear of looking or being seen as stupid or not good enough.

• Fear of ‘germs’.

• Fear of what others will think.

• Fear of not belonging….And many more!

Business in the past has focused on the business, B2B, B2C and all sorts of other technical things. Strategy is important of course and so is being on top of finances and all the other ‘business’ things. BUT…without people you don’t have a business! We need our humans! So seeing your business as a heart2heart venture, will transform it – especially in these times.

Hands up all those who have been miserable in a job and been spectacular at customer service, sales or engagement? We seem to keep ignoring the fact that a joyful team and a joyful work environment are the key ingredients to business success and profits! 

And yet few leaders or founders focus on creating a happy team, engaged, fulfilled and enthusiastic humans – or they might early on, but as they grow they forget!

With a mentally battered team of humans who are ‘over’ what has been going on, lacking confidence and nervous about adapting AGAIN to a ‘new’ environment – remember they have been at home a looooong time – what can we do to restore confidence, enthusiasm and commitment?

• Party! Literally. I know this seems an oxymoron with work – but the quickest way to build your team spirit and a joyful culture again is to help your people reconnect socially with each other. It builds a sense of belonging and includes everyone. Create opportunities for morning teas where everyone is expected to be in the office or Friday night drinks or dinner – any sort of regular get together so they can connect again heart2heart and overcome those fears and lack of confidence.

• Address the fears and eradicate them. Out loud. And talk about them. Ask people in honest, transparent and authentic conversations how they are feeling – or as a group ask them if they feel safe at work – physically, mentally, emotionally. Ask if they are ok. Get the team together to discuss fears as a group so they see that they are not alone – instantly that makes everyone feel better. Most of those fears will be around confidence more than likely and safety!

• Create a joyful workplace. Do fun things. Pair people up as joy buddies. Joy buddies are not just joy buddies – they are also accountability buddies! When people feel they are growing and developing at work, they are more engaged and joyful – and better at working! Running training sessions that are fun (not boring and dreadful!!) and allocating joy buddies and giving them targets and encouraging accountability really matters – and allows them to take responsibility for themselves and their growth. Ongoing training helps them feel confident in their level of knowledge and skills – and that matters!

Joy at work matters!

Ask Amanda how she can help your team to re-connect.

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