Remember to Breathe

Did you know that all disease begins with stress?

If you are stressed on a permanent basis your immune system is attacked and weakened and then you are susceptible to all forms of disease; and your performance drops.

This post has some tips on stress busting to help boost your performance, productivity AND give you more energy and vitality!

Do you remember what flight attendants tell you about oxygen in the safety briefing? If the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling and you have a child, put it on yourself first. Why? Because if you are dead you are not much use to the child!

Yet most of us in small business consistently push ourselves beyond our physical, mental and emotional limits and wonder why we are tired all the time!

It’s time to stop, put on the oxygen mask (metaphorically) and suck in great gobs of oxygen!

Seriously, when we are stressed we stop breathing! Our breathing is shallow and in the upper part of our lungs. This means there is less oxygen for our brains and we can’t think clearly or properly.

The first simple stress buster tip is to stop every 30 minutes and take two deep breaths filling up the bottom of your lungs. Set a timer!

If you stood up and took 2 breaths (at least) and did a tiny bit of exercise, you would be in awe of how much energy and vitality you would have for you and your family at the end of the day!

It’s simple but oh so effective! Try these stress busters before you judge them. Sometimes the simple things work the best!

Write RTB all over your office – remember to breathe! Use your “oxygen mask”! Reduce your stress! Improve your performance!

Let us know how you go!

By Amanda Gore

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