Remembering your Essence

I was 64 when I had an inkling of what my human essence might actually be! And without the help of David Martin I would not have found it. 

I am honouring his work with me by passing on some of the things he has taught me to show you how to begin to discover it for yourself! But it’s better if you do his courses! He has held my hand through this journey and been the BEST Joy Buddy EVER!

Step 1: re-connect with YOURSELF. It might sound silly but in our normal day to day busy lives, we lose sight of who we are, what matters to us and how we feel. 

Step 2: repeat step one!

Once you have continued to do this searching – and you come closer to remembering who you really are (truly – an astonishing being of light) you will change your life and the lives of everyone around you.

It’s not really easy work – but SO worth it. My life is transformed as a result. I actually AM joyful now – as opposed to just talking about how to be joyful!!

Enjoy making the time you have to be productive for yourself as well as work! Apply this to your children as well – they have not forgotten as deeply as you! 

This is an awesome topic to work on with your Joy Buddies. 

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