Smile AND Include Your Eyes!!

Endorphins are the body’s natural happy drugs! Joy buddies! They make us feel great – happy, peaceful, relaxed and joyful. We can’t synthetically manufacture anything as powerful as endorphins, but humans can do things to produce them anytime! A simple way to release them is to put a big “silly” grin on our faces – and include your eyes! Seriously! Just put a big smile on your face and make sure your eyes are involved – you will be releasing lots of endorphins! I am not kidding! When we fake a grin – I know you are not smiling, and you know you are not really smiling, but as long as your “crows feet” muscles around your eyes are active, our body-mind believes we are genuinely smiling! Our body senses the muscles moving at either end of our mouths, and our “crows feet” muscles – the muscles at the outside edges of our eyes – which all send messages to the heart, digestive system and hypothalamus, and that tells the rest of our systems, and soul, to release endorphins.

So if you can’t laugh, then at least put a big grin on your face, crinkle your eyes and you will soon start to feel better. And if you can’t make it a huge grin, then just make a small smile and work your way up. Every morning as soon as you wake up – make your mouth and eyes smile. It’s a great way to start the day and will put you in a better frame of mind. Or make it a daily ritual to smile the whole time you have your shower and see how you feel! If you have three smiles to every one grimace or negative event, your health might improve!

Excerpt from “Joy is an Inside Job” , by Amanda Gore & Lenore Lewis.

(Published by Head2Heart Pty Ltd. 2014)

Joy is an Inside Job is the ‘gateway’ into your awareness of the joy inside you. You will learn to live from the wisdom of your heart. You will learn how to stop being controlled by your old habits, patterns, fears or emotions. You will learn to feel love for yourself – which changes everything else around you.

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