Stop the Fear. Choose Gratitude

I am in awe of the humour that is appearing mostly on Social Media and the creativity of people confined to home! LOL. 

Do yourself a favour and laugh at some each day to marvel at how people think! If you find anything particularly funny share it to our Joy Buddies Facebook Group.

Today the post is about stopping fear – and choosing gratitude. Consciously.

These ideas may be simple but they are all really effective and take little time to do – you just have to commit to doing it and create a platform for others to be accountable ie Joy Buddies!.

If you ask everyone on your team to find a book at home they can use as their Gratitude Journal, then you can combine it with another effective idea. As a ritual, start EVERY meeting you have – online or in person – with asking this question: what’s the thing you are most grateful for since we last spoke.

This changes the whole meeting, the energy in the group and is a tangible way to keep people considering things for which to be grateful and not focusing on fear.

Zooties from your fellow Joy Buddies 

Mel and Amanda

PS. If you have any fear buddies – ditch them! None of us need people ramping up fear – be conscious of caution but not consumed by fear.

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