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Why Amanda Gore should be your next keynote speaker!

Amanda Gore is one of Australia’s and the USA’s favourite conference keynote speaker. Amanda is CEO of The Joy Project, an author, speaker, Huffington Post columnist and business woman. She is one of 4 Australians inducted into the USA Speaker Hall of Fame. She works with small and large organisations like Flight Centre, Google, McDonalds,…

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You are NOT your mindset – but your mindset rules your life!

Ok, so you have heard all this stuff about mindsets but you are not really sure what they are! Simplistically, a mindset is just a collection of beliefs. Beliefs are just thoughts arranged in a pattern! I was honoured to spend a lot of time with a client recently on their roadshow, who all have…

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The Benefits of TA-DA!

Last week I was speaking to a lovely group in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. I was telling them about my niece’s first gym competition. At the time she was 9 and I was (and still am) a very doting and enthusiastic Aunt! In between exercises (which I must say were not that exciting and seemed to me…

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