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Is FOWOT Controlling Your Life?

F.O.W.O.T. It’s insidious and affects a huge number of people. It undermines many behaviors and can limit our growth and development. What is it? Fear of what others think! How many times have you felt silly, humiliated, shamed, embarrassed or shy? Have you ever wondered what causes those feelings? Ever really delved into their source?…

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10 Free Ways You Can Find Joy!

1. Find something for which to be grateful — now and every time you feel anything other than joyful! It’s impossible to have a heart full of misery and a heart full of joy. Gratitude is the great re-framer! When you look through gratitude glasses everything changes, no matter what happens in your life, so…

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Let’s Go on The Journey of Your Life

2014 has started with all sorts of solar flares and cosmic activities that some people say will change the way we live and especially our awareness! Which is interesting because I had planned to write early this year about the best strategies we can use to actually make change in our lives. The best strategy…

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Read This to Change How You Change

Change is inevitable. It happens whether you want it or not. Change is rarely exciting, nor welcome! Most often it is met with instant fear or terror in some cases! We are physiologically programmed in many ways for that fear reaction – but it’s Neanderthal programming! Our amygdala (the fear response part of the brain)…

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The most important thing in your life!

THE most important thing is life is how you feel about yourself! If you have ever been in love – do you remember how you felt in the early days of the relationship? Fabulous! Life was great – everything looked wonderful; things flowed; people were nicer, kinder and more interesting!; You laughed more; others loved…

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