Feel the joy!

One of the most essential ingredients for a great conference is the keynote speaker.

Working with a seasoned audience who have experienced hundreds of motivational speakers, I avoid speakers that deliver the same-old-same-old messages in a way that provokes weariness.

I first selected Amanda in 2008 as an afternoon speaker for an international trade association's annual meeting.  I sought a celebratory keynote for the morning, and Amanda's speaking-slot was the difficult after-lunch position.

Our meeting theme that year was "connect," and our celebratory speaker had done little to help with that message. Amanda took the stage and dazzled us all for an hour. She has an ability to read her audience and deliver the energy and messages they need. People emerged energized as they literally buzzed around the event reciting messages from her talk throughout the conference's remaining days.

Evaluations that year cited her as not only one of the best speakers they'd experienced but also someone who delivered content that had a direct impact on their lives.

I wasn't surprised because the power of Amanda's presence was apparent even through the phone.  What I did not anticipate, however, was how her message's poignancy would impact me personally. Through her presentation, I, too, learned some valuable techniques that I still carry with me today in my personal and business roles.

Our organization never repeats speakers.  But after less than stellar luck with high-profile speakers who stuffiness prevented them from engaging our audience, we invited Amanda back to help us again.

She delivered a big win for our opening session; she went above and beyond, arriving from across the globe and delivering the most upbeat and energizing opening session we'd had in years. The attendees walked out of the session practically dancing.  This energy continued to flow throughout the conference.

It was easy to discern the conference attendees who attended Amanda's morning session from those who chose to sleep.

Amanda went on to do a small CEO-to-CEO session and an in-depth workshop for us. The evaluations were some of the highest ever received.

When the pandemic hit, we realized that we wouldn't be meeting in-person.  Once again, I reached out to Amanda to be our keynote for our first-ever virtual event.

She spent hours working with me to make sure her message would convey as well over the computer as it does in person. And, once again, she delivered a brand-new, authentically wonderful message that the audience needed to hear.

I've had the wonderful pleasure of working with 100s of professional speakers. Amanda Gore is a stand-out. I'm so appreciative of the work she does.

- Melissa Brunton, Senior Vice President, Education and Meeting Services, Direct Selling Association

Amanda recently presented to our 'Leading Women Network' a collection of women (and some men) from a range of public sector and integrity agencies - or more accurately, Amanda recently absolutely dazzled our members with her insights, practical strategies and encouragement to lead our best lives - all delivered in the most entertaining and hilarious way possible. We have been coordinating quarterly events for the past 18 months and have never received such incredible feedback from our members, who included people in the room and many groups livestreaming in from over twenty 'event hubs' across the State. Our post event online survey indicated the tremendous benefit gained by our members through Amanda's entertaining and insightful presentation.

- Kim Kellaway,Director and Founder at Children's Safety Australia Inc.

Her message is entertaining, high energy, engaging, motivational, thought provoking, and behavior changing. Her powerful message is delivered with humor but sprinkled with science. Her presentation will be a highlight of any meeting. People will be talking about her message for years to come.

- James Gelder, CEO, Highland Capital brokerage

If you want a speaker that makes your people feel good after the speech, there are hundreds of good speakers out there to choose from; go get one. But if you want your people to be feeling good and making positive changes for weeks and months and years after, then Amanda Gore is your simple choice. She truly is someone who motivates your people to stop, think, analyze and change. She leaves an incredibly uplifting impact on her audiences. Your people will truly thank you for bringing Amanda into their lives. If you want a real catalyst for lasting, positive change, Amanda Gore is your clear choice!

- Jim McPhee, CFE CEO Franchise Synergy

Amanda sent the group off on a high, ready and willing to embrace our business strategy and take it to their people. Amanda had the hardest to please leaving the forum with a better understanding of how important perceptions are, more skills in emotional intelligence and committed to changing their own, and their teams behaviours. Amanda is a fantastic corporate speaker and highly recommended.

- Westpac Group, Chief Operating Officer

Amanda has the amazing ability to connect with many people at the same time enabling them to embark on a journey of mindfulness and transformation. She is able to provide both the science and beliefs behind ‘why we are who we are’ and equip her audience with the tools to make changes. All this is done with brilliantly engaging style - a truly inspirational speaker who is also a wonderful human being.

- VJ Kashyap, Global HR Director, Campari

Amanda delivered an amazing presentation on leadership and creating resilient workplaces that lead to better performance, which I KNOW resonated with the whole audience. Amanda is awesome and I highly recommend her.

- Jason Kerr, Events Manager Westpac Bank

When this woman has finished speaking - people leave feeling amazing!

- Naomi Simson, CEO, RedBalloon

Amanda is worth every penny and about $60,000 more! I have hired speakers who charge $40,000 and more and they did not leave the audience with a fraction of what Amanda did.

- Business and Professional Women USA

Amanda gave us some really important and valuable messages on how, as leaders and managers, to bring out the best in ourselves and our team. Amanda is so good for the spirit, bringing laughter and joy into the education process as well.

- Human Resources Adviser, University of the Sunshine Coast

Amanda was, without doubt, the highlight of our conference, and the best decision we could have made. Simply put - outstanding!

Amanda had our 250 participants captivated from the moment she walked on stage. The rave reviews are still coming in. Not only is Amanda motivational, but her presentation is also genuinely life changing for so many people - we were touched by her warmth and passion for positivity.

- Marriage Celebrant, Events Etcetera

Amanda had everyone entertained and engaged right until the end. Amanda even had them (over 500 pax) singing and hugging as they left the room - amazing to see! The momentum of her presentation has changed perceptions here in the office (for the better) and we are continuing to benefit from her presentation. 100% recommend!

- Event Director, Cievents

Amanda is able to very effectively communicate complex (science-based) concepts in an entertaining and engaging manner. I am also impressed with the effort she took in understanding our business before presenting. Excellent feedback from participants. We will use her again.

- Andrew Macpherson, Chief Executive at Crowe Horwath Australia / New Zealand

I have attended many leadership events and heard many keynote speakers. Sometimes their message resonates for the moment, sometimes days. Amanda's message changes you and stays with you forever. Amanda clearly did her homework before addressing our group. She knew our weaknesses and our strengths, our challenges and our successes. I am not the only one who incorporated her lessons into my life post-conference; some of her code words (Foofers and FARC) have not only become common in our daily language, we've added our own spin to them - "Foof off!"

I recommend Amanda without reservation or hesitation. After seeing how she honed her message to relate to some specifics of our group, I have no doubt that she can (and will) do the same for yours and leave your attendees inspired, attitude-adjusted and raring to put her message of joy into practice in their lives and in your organization.

- Nancy Harrison, Spicer Rudstrom, PLLC

I had the absolute pleasure of recommending and contracting Amanda to present at a valued client's recent conference. Amanda was punctual, easy to communicate with and her amazing energy resulted in the following responses from the delegation:

Over 70% rated Amanda and her presentation as 'Absolutely Fantastic', with the remaining rating her as 'Great'.
When asked about what key learnings the delegation had taken from the conference, the following referred to Amanda:

  • How important it is to convey a positive attitude & not to let other people's negativity impact on you
  • The need for work, life balance
  • Be thankful for your health and look after yourself
  • Surround yourself with people that make you happy and positive
  • Providing recognition to staff is the primary driver to most successful work places
  • Continue to recognize, appreciate and reward my staff. Happy staff = Happy customers
  • The importance of Tada!

Both the delegation and the client were so impressed with Amanda's presentation that she was the hot topic at every table at the dinner the following evening! I would have no hesitation in recommending or contracting Amanda for future clients and I can't wait to work with her again.

- Amanda Callaway, Conference & Events Manager

Amanda was hired as the keynote speaker for Executive Women International's (EWI) Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting on the 19 September 2013. She delivered a high energy presentation that had all 400 attendees on their feet. Her key message of embracing change resonated so well that we continually heard our members reciting key components, adding her signature song as their personal ring tones and imitating her actions throughout the rest of the conference. She set a tone for the entire conference which was one of incredible positivity. The results at our Annual Meeting were unprecedented. I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda to any conference organizer that wants to engage their membership! So much fun and wisdom!

- Karen Skirten, Executive Women's International Leadership Conference 2013

Your opening keynote session on day 1 of our conference really set the tone for the event - it was like everyone entered the room in one mindset, and left with another. The transformation from your 3hr session was unbelievable and was evident throughout the rest of the event. Prior to the conference I felt like everyone was not thinking as 'ONE', however, upon conclusion, I have never seen this group so united in their thinking, their approach, and their vision for the future of our organization, it was truly something special to watch unfold!

Your ability to understand our organization, connect with the audience, and transform their way of thinking was truly remarkable. You are a complete professional and an expert at what you do Amanda, and I, nor my colleagues at the conference, can speak highly enough of you!

Once again, thank you Amanda and even those words seem inadequate for what you were able to achieve with our delegates and the gratitude felt around the organization.

Thanks again Amanda, and I really look forward to the opportunity of working with you again in the future.

- Joanne Green, Events Manager, WHK Group Limited

Amanda was an outstanding presenter. Her commitment to delivery of her presentation in that she attended a session at the conference prior to her speaker appearance to ensure she was capturing the essence of our desired outcomes from our conference, displayed a professionalism I have not experienced from a guest speaker. Her passion to ensure she had the whole audience 'in her hands' was simply amazing, and an outcome she achieved.

- Gerri Bleeser, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Thank you for jump shifting the attitude and the involvement of the delegates at our recent conference. Your incredible energy and captivating personality engaged every single participant to become a part of the program, something I have not witnessed in 25 years of management. Normally the doubting Thomas's remain pessimistic throughout the presentation and become "energy zappers" to the rest you eliminated these people at the onset and the tempo remained upbeat for the rest of the conference. Even at the service awards the slides were changed to the "ta dahs" and the recipients gave a mixture of big and little "excellent's"

More importantly I can see that the Island Managers will go home and address their leadership style and reflect on their behaviors to ensure that they will be judged on their actions and how they act in front of their team.

You will be pleased to know in my final debrief session with the crew when I asked them what we should do at next year's conference the over whelming response was BRING BACK AMANDA!!!!!! So you had better keep your diary clear for the same time next year as we hold the conference in this week every year.

- Ian Copeland, IBIS

We hired Amanda to help us support a client who was going through a major transformational change program, with the complex brief of offering some perspectives on leadership, a discussion of successful teaming, and giving the program teams some effective tools for managing the fear of change and stresses of implementing a major program.

Anyone who has seen video clips of Amanda on YouTube knows the energy, humor and deep subject matter expertise that she brings to her engagements. What you don't see is the time and effort she puts into understanding the audience, the key points that we wanted to communicate and the quick understanding of the company and program structure and culture.

Many speakers make the mistake of being entertaining at the expense of educating and providing content, or of being content rich but dull and unmemorable. Amanda delivers simple, practical techniques for improving team and organizational performance, managing our personal lives, health and relationships. More importantly she does this in a way that is entertaining and memorable.

I find myself using techniques I first heard about when I saw her present 7 years ago. More importantly the survey feedback on the event was overwhelmingly positive, with 75% of folks saying that they would make changes to their personal and work lives based on the session. I also received several personal thank you's from individuals who felt profoundly impacted. There was one 'foofer'.

If you truly want to change your culture and team dynamic, hire Amanda.

- Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

I met Amanda Gore in 1990 when I was in the Speaking Industry. I can't recommend Amanda highly enough. Her message (always so succinct and very close to her brief) always addresses the theme, her delivery is spectacular - so fresh and different, her content is always on trend and her presentations make the audience laugh. Amanda is always the perfect speaker. I have now been saying for 20 years that Amanda Gore is the best female speaker in Australia - and that fact hasn't changed. She only gets better and more vibrant as time passes.

- Catherine Crawford

SOLGM hired Amanda Gore as keynote speaker at our Annual Conference not once, but twice. She delivered an engaging, effective and highly spirited presentation on leadership at our 2009 conference. What a presentation! At the end of the 1.5 hour presentation in the morning after the conference dinner she got the delegates up on their feet, hugging, smiling and sending zoot zoot to one another. During our briefing prior to conference, I told her that she may have a hard time engaging because of the profile of our audience. Boy was I wrong! We had to bring her back the following year to do a follow up on the presentation. And she did exactly the same in 2010, despite having an ear infection.

Amanda is an excellent speaker to work with. She is very professional and would go beyond her duties to help you when you have event crisis, impromptu activities, late speakers, etc. What I also like (which I don't normally see in other speakers) is that she actually attended most part of the conference which was valued by delegates and organizers.

- Janice Nadew, Marketing & Communications Advisor, SOLGM

I have been a member of MDRT for 29 years and have seen some of the best speakers in the world. None has ever received 3 standing ovations like Amanda Gore.

- President, Million Dollar Round Table

Serving as emcee for a 7,000 attendee international simulcast event, Amanda stole the show. Her enthusiasm radiated through the live audience and had people dancing in the aisles even in broadcast locations several states away! Fun, engaging and with a solid message, you can't help but LOVE Amanda!

- David Lewis, 2013 Refresh Leadership Simulcast

Amanda Gore single-handedly turned around the climate of our school district in a matter of three hours! She is an awesome, highly energetic speaker, and I recommend her without hesitation.

- Andy Parker, High School Principal

My personal thank you for the impact you have had on my development as a leader and for the seed you have helped me plant to inspire general managers and owners to success.

- Global Head Focused Service, Hilton Hotels

Amanda is a wow of wows of speakers. She's enchanting, captivating, brilliantly funny, tenderly charming, heartfelt, genuine, sincere and poignantly authentic and yet she delivers a powerful message that we each want and need to hear. She's unforgettable with her innovative audience involvement techniques..that will give you skills to take home, tell others and start using immediately to better your life, your relationships, your future and finances.

- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

When Amanda Gore was suggested as a speaker for our sales meeting, I had serious doubts. What could a woman with a physiotherapy background do with a male-dominated, demoralized, fragmented capital equipment sales team coming off a bruising competitive year?... We've used every type of speaker in the past, from star athletes to big-name motivational speakers. Inch for inch, pound for pound and dollar for dollar, Amanda Gore was the best speaking investment we ever made!

- CEO, Hobart Kitchen

Amanda Gore was an inspiring, uplifting, informative delight that our members were discussing the entire remainder of the meeting. I cannot impress upon you enough how well she was received. Amanda's presentation was the most audience - inspiring performance we have ever witnessed. I would extend my highest recommendation to Amanda Gore.

- Executive Director, Aluminum Extruders Council

Meeting planners have to ask themselves if the speaker that they are looking to hire is worth what they paid. I am here to tell any meeting planner who wants to know, the answer is YES. Amanda is worth every penny and about $60,000 more! I have hired speakers who charge $40,000 and more and they did not leave the audience with a fraction of what Amanda did.

- Business and Professional Women USA

You made such a difference. I spent most of this week out visiting the branches. Wow - it's catching on! Everyone is using the tools you gave them. I make financial decisions every day about how to use our budget wisely. You were the best investment we have made yet. We will earn 'dividends' for a long time.

- VP, Wells Fargo Bank

Amanda Gore is without question the best investment our organization has made in the last few years, and her message helped connect all attendees with the vision of our hospital. She has an inherent ability to reach a wide variety of people, and this has had a profound impact on the culture of our hospital. We literally had employees wanting to attend her session on all three available days, as many of them said that Amanda's session was the best thing they had ever attended.

- SSM Health Care

Amanda Gore brings a level of energy, enthusiasm, humor, and intelligence far above the conventional 'motivational speaker' you may be seeking for your next meeting. If you want to make your meeting memorable, and I do mean memorable (attendees are still talking about her presentation and message), and send people home on a high note, Amanda is the speaker for you.

- American Association of Diabetes Educators

I was lucky enough to experience Amanda at a conference I attended back in 1989 when I first started working in the media industry more than 20 years ago. She blew me away and since then has been one of the most memorable speakers I have seen to date (and yes i have seen a lot!). When I was charged with finding a keynote speaker for the Media Sales Summit I knew I had to track her down. And that I did. The group were a tough, cynical bunch, feeling a bit jaded with the plethora of conferences on at the time. I watched her shine as she brought them back to what really mattered, JOY. We had so much fun and through it learned more about life and what it really is all about. Thank you Amanda as always you are a much needed STAR in this ever changing world of ours. With Gratitude.

- Marcia Raheb, THINK SAY DO Corporate Training

As co-creator of the Conscious Club we have had some of the world's great orators grace our stage. Amanda Gore is easily one of the most talented and charismatic speakers I've seen. She is truly captivating and delivers a profound message that is marries leading edge scientific research, comic genius and crowd participation like you've not encountered before. I can't recommend her talents highly enough. Amanda is a national treasure!

- Gary Gorrow, The Conscious Club

I have worked with Amanda twice to have her speak at my Women in Technology conferences. She always gets the audiences laughing and yet she delivers an important messages that make you more aware around interactions/communications both professionally and personally. She is a real pleasure to work with and graciously spent time with our audience after our event and I would highly recommend her as a speaker at any event!

- Luanne Tierney, Juniper Networks

Pure passion! Talk about an individual who gets her audience involved from the moment she arrives on stage! We have had her at our organizations convention two times now and people are still talking about her! This firecracker has unique ability to transfer passion to her audience and touches them at their core. She ignites enthusiasm within a group that you could cut with a knife. The message she delivers is not only thought provoking, it is action oriented and one that will be carried forward far into the future. Now that is IMPACT!

- Stacy Stack, Director Of Training at Express Employment Professionals

Amanda Gore, you are an inspiration! Verosol has never had a sales conference like this one. Despite all of the laughs, and metaphors, your messages were very clear and hard hitting. Success in business is strongly influenced by people and how they interact together. Amanda, your session set the scene for one of the most successful conferences we have ever had. Thank you so much.

- Managing Director, Verosol (Aust) Pty Ltd

Yes, it's sometimes tough measuring ROI on attitude and behavior. Please feel free to have any client call me and I'll be glad to talk with them regarding the impact that you had on us. There are many things that we still embrace of yours. Our employees seemed to (and continue to) take life a bit easier, not stress so much and enjoy their jobs.

- Travis Credit Union

Amanda Gore is SENSATIONAL .. Watching her wave her wand of magic across the whole conference room‚ positively igniting an energy of laughter and happiness is nothing short of miraculous. Amanda is the consummate professional - you absolutely know her presentation will be the show stopper for the event! And she is! Every single time!

- Carole Gregson, Conference Business Manager

Amanda's session lifted the mood and left attendees energized to a point that they were literally singing and dancing in the aisles. We were greatly impressed by Amanda's preparation and the effort she put in to understanding our business in order to adapt her presentation to suit our audience.

- CEO, Hotondo Homes

You rocked our world, Amanda. No one has ever had such a deep, lasting impact on our lives. You've given us a timeless gift.

- Nexstar

Audiences who heard Amanda more than 2 years ago .. still talk about her and use principles from her presentations.

- Sonic Corporation

Thank you for enabling a team building event to culminate in a group of people who were just beginning to warm up to one another, walking out of the room really caring for each other.

- Director of Organizational Development, GlaxoSmithKlein

We had the gorgeous Amanda Gore present at our Nationals Sales Conference in Brisbane in January. Amanda's amazing energy and on-point messaging meant the team were highly engaged throughout the whole presentation. Her down to earth, no nonsense style cuts through all the jargon and get to the heart of what makes people work and live at their best. Her messages have weaved their way into our everyday language at work and are helping to create a culture of fun and joy, while also maintaining our professionalism. I would highly recommend Amanda if you are looking to improve culture, morale and just give everyone some tools to cope with life and work. Everyone needs a joy spot! We have booked Amanda for two more presentations because we loved and valued her messages.

- Marketing Manager, Healthworld