The 3 ‘F”s – the secrets of how to be happy! – Holiday Message 2020

COVID Christmas/ Holiday Cheer – it’s an oxymoron!! But keep reading and it will make sense!

Well, as everyone has agreed……bring on 2021!  The restrictions on what we can do in the holidays have seriously curtailed what matters most to humans – their connection to other humans. However, we are still always in control of how we feel – no matter how much uncertainty surrounds us. We may not feel we are – but only we control our thinking and therefore our feelings.

How can we make good out of the extraordinary challenges of this time?

As a speaker, work disappeared for the last 10 months pretty much and it has been a very steep learning curve for not only me but everyone. I refuse to use the word ‘pivot’ – LOL – as it is SO overdone….instead, I would prefer to think of this time as an opportunity to actually do more of what I have been teaching and sharing for so long.

To actually work ON my life and myself and not just be lost in the busy-ness I had created! And here is the opportunity to make good use of this time.

About 4 months in, I felt lost and purposeless as speaking had always been a calling for me. There was not a weed left in the (very) large garden! The house was spotless. Almost sanitized! Repair jobs were completed. Cupboards cleaned. There was not a lot else to do!

Then I also realized I didn’t have a life! Not where I officially lived anyway!

I spent 35 years being away from home – in fact, this COVID experience has seen me sleep in my own bed longer than any other time (by months)! I could never do courses that went for weeks or months; I lost contact with local friends; I didn’t meet new people locally but I have heaps of friends and family all over the USA.

So I decided it was time to write another online course. But this time I was going to do it properly! So I signed up for an online course to write an online course!

In the process of interviewing 50 people who might be candidates for an online course on speaking, I realized the reason people wanted to do a speaking course was to mostly become more confident in front of other people or groups. Or to deliver their message once they worked out what it was.

And after all the questioning…it turns out that what people really want is to know how to be happy!

So my Holiday present to you is a video – a personal one from me to you sharing with you what I learned while interviewing all these people and how I distilled the information and findings into the 3 ‘F’s!

The 3 ‘F”s – the secrets of how to be happy!


Amanda Gore + Mel Collins