The Future for Millennials

Funny how the universe works! This week I went for a meeting with a lady who epitomizes an opportunity for Millennials. Today I received in my inbox a Fast Company article called ‘Why Job Prospects for Millennials are Still Dreadful’.

The interesting thing is that the number of young people who are involved with this organization who contacted me is amazing – for the very reason outlined in the FC article. I met a 24 year old vibrant, enthusiastic young American man who, with his girlfriend in 2 years had built an organization of 7000 people and they only worked 20 hours a week now! They managed a lot of it on social media.

On top of that, In Donna’s house, her 18 year old and several of his Aussie friends were busy creating their own organizations through Face book and other social media platforms. When the company launches in Australia, they will be in a strong position.

So I am posting this article and also this information for any of you who are parents of young adults who are struggling to find work. This is a direct sales organization that markets wonderful cheap but high quality vacations – including volunteer vacations. I have noticed with my own generation that they are jaded with preconceived ideas of direct sales and not willing to do the initial work but the younger ones are lapping up the chance!

I have spoken at many direct sales conferences and am always impressed at the level of motivation, enthusiasm and JOY in the thousands in the rooms! 5000 enthusiastic, joyful people in a room is a fabulous experience!!

If you know of anyone who fit the profile of still being excited about life and enthusiastic about working hard for a purpose and learning how to be an entrepreneur then contact me and I can put you in touch with Donna.

Zooties, Amanda

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