The Joy Project

Be the best version of YOU!

P.S Work ON - not just IN - your life, your own and yourselves -
it is a lifelong journey to be the BEST version of yourself"
Amanda Gore

The main purpose of The Joy Project these days is to give people the skills and changes in perception that helps them find their own joy - and who they really are!

This helps you feel great about yourself, so you can enjoy every day of your life and live to your full potential.

What stops us feeling good about ourselves are the stories we have told ourselves - usually from our childhood experiences. Those stories are generally nothing like the truth but they are deeply embedded beliefs driving our behaviours.

You are NOT your story but your story rules your life!

Shining a light on the fears that limit you via the stories we have told ourselves has the ability to transform everything in your life.

Here are some resources to have more joy in your life:

- Join the Online Learning Program - Wired for Joy

- Learn from Amanda's book - Joy is an inside job

- Get the tools

- Ask Amanda to speak at your workplace to create or enhance a more joyful working environment

- Watch and learn more on joy

If you are anything like me, you have felt a fraud at times in your life, rarely been truly present and felt worthless for much of your life.

These resources are what I have learned to help me see and experience the value of being present, to better know my essence - who I really am and actually come to believe that I AM worth loving and I am good enough; I am safe and I do belong!

It would be wonderful if you could feel the same!


Amanda Gore

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