subscribe-nowJoin The Joy Project and help us create a global joy movement! Amanda and the joy team are passionate about eradicating fear and helping people start mini joy movements - with their families, friends or workplaces. We hope that these mini joy movements all connect one day to create a global movement and community - with loads of joy tribes!

There are lots of resources and ideas for you to begin your own local or personal joy movement - Including an Online Learning Program - Joy University.

Stress makes you stupid, fat and sick! Seriously!! The stress hormones load on abdominal fat and destroy brain cells‚ and most disease begins with stress of some Printsort.

Joy increases your creativity by increasing the numbers of dendrites in your brain (they let the neurons connect!); it makes you healthy and successful! Studies are showing that happiness precedes success - so start your joy tribe today!

Whether you are a leader, parent, unhappy person, someone who wants more success in life, someone who wants more purpose and meaning in life‚ the joy project has ideas for you to make changes in your life!

Amanda's book Joy is an inside job gives you the 12 steps to joy. The book gives you simple but profound exercises that truly will help you eradicate fear in your life and bring much joy and success. Purchase or download the book and start a book club and your 'tribe' can work it's way through all the exercises together.

PrintIt's a very joyful experience! You will all laugh and learn and feel closer as you make huge discoveries about yourself and each other.

It can transform your workplace, home and life!

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