The most important thing in your life!

THE most important thing is life is how you feel about yourself!

If you have ever been in love – do you remember how you felt in the early days of the relationship? Fabulous! Life was great – everything looked wonderful; things flowed; people were nicer, kinder and more interesting!; You laughed more; others loved being around you – you vibrated at a higher level which was very attractive to others.

All because ‘someone loved you’. No – it was because YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF!

When you are surrounded by the adoration of another who thinks you are amazing, witty, funny, sexy, charming, clever and capable and all those others things we think our perfect partner is, you feel wonderful!

But it’s really because you see yourself as you truly are! You actually fall in love with yourself! And then, every thing else changes!

Think of a time when you were filled with purpose and meaning – you were on a mission! You were working towards something you really believed in or you enjoyed doing. Other people were not nearly so aggravating! Things flowed. People thought you were interesting! Life was great! Because you felt good about yourself.

What Stops Us Feeling Good About Ourselves?

It’s fear. Fears block our ability to see ourselves as the astonishing beings of light that we really are.

The Three Main Fears:

I believe that they three key unconscious fears that drive people’s lives are:

1. I am not good enough/I am not worth loving

2. I am unsafe in some way

3. Death or separation

Remember, most of us are unconscious of those fears. There are many layers between them and our awareness and many things we can ‘blame’ for our unhappiness. But keep digging down from the issues we have in our lives and I bet you end up in the darkness of “I am not good enough” or “I am not worth loving”.

With those core fears driving us a huge range of negative states emerge‚ jealousy, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, poor self esteem, needing endless approval, never trying anything new, beating ourselves up as failures, resenting others, fearing change, unhappy relationships, divorce, alcoholism or drug dependency, feeling a lack of control, being a control freak, performance anxiety. And about a zillion other issues people deal with daily!

Eradicate the Fears

The best but most challenging way to eradicate fear – is to shine our own light out into the darkness of fear. I am not a ‘space cadet’ or new age groupie. We truly are spiritual beings – once we acknowledge that and focus on our hearts wisdom and not our brains judgments, we grow faster.

While we are unconscious of the fears, we can’t do anything about them. Become an ‘inner travel agent’ for yourself and hunt those fears down – then challenge them. Are they true? Were they born from childish and inaccurate perceptions?

Why Does This Matter at Work?

A person who feels good about themselves can focus on making others feel good about themselves! This makes for a great colleague or boss.

When we are insecure or frightened in some way our egos take over and contribute to energy sucking behaviors! Cynicism, negativity, lack of creativity, power struggles, poor team performance and engagement, and defensiveness are just a few of the destructive actions and influences that undermine a culture.

So begin today – find your fears, eradicate them and feel good about yourself. Then focus on helping others feel good about themselves.

It’s a fail proof recipe for promotion and a happy life!

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