The Power of Giving

Last month I was very grateful to be invited to speak to a large group of Orthodontists who were innovative and exciting! 
They had brought a dynamic and incredibly creative group from Spain – who are setting up a base in the USA

It wasn’t until I returned home that I received the above-compiled video from the AV team Dosdevideo. They generously created this brilliant compilation of my session and gifted it to me. I was beyond impressed. They had incredible equipment and an extraordinary team.

They are young, hip, proactive and obviously good at what the do. 

So here I am giving them a #shoutout and if you or your clients need an awesome AV production team, or marketing group or know a speaker who needs an updated video give them a call! I totally recommend them!

Here is a little about them:

We are a Strategic Content Production Studio, which means that we study our clients’ context (interviews, sessions, surveys, context analysis, competitors benchmark..) to understand which is the best way to communicate their product or service. Then we turn those insights into creative ideas (concept, script, storyboard, art direction, etc) and we produce the required assets (TV commercials, photos shots, animations.). 

Our ideal clients are medium-big companies with a small marketing department that are looking for a partner to help them with their visual and strategic communications. For example, we work for a dental company with 30 clinics and a huge medical distributor that sells worldwide. Both located in the US. Our clients are very happy because we deliver an end-to-end service: from the strategy to the production. And that’s something hard to find at a decent price. We are based in Barcelona, so we can keep the price low (compared to other agencies like ours in the US) and come up with a different perspective, simply because in Europe we have a distinct approach and taste.

I know you will be impressed if you choose to engage them!

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