Gratitude at Work

What things are you thankful for in your place of work?

Go to work today with the specific intention of finding all the things you could be thankful for – and then be thankful for them!

Your boss
Your friends
Your colleagues
The intellectual stimulation
The chance to learn
Growth and development
The relationships
The people you meet
The challenge of your work
A sense of meaning and purpose
A sense of belonging
The fact you have a job!

There are many things for which you may choose to be grateful.

You may have a leader who helps you believe in yourself!

Belief in your own ability is a better predictor of success than actual skill levels – so examine your own beliefs about yourself today.

What does your boss reinforce? Do your colleagues see your strengths? If not, then YOU do it.

If you don’t like your work or the people with whom you work – be grateful anyway! You have a job when many don’t.

Actively look for things for which to be grateful – even if it is simply, “I am grateful that I am not out in the cold or hot or rainy weather. I am grateful I have a roof over my head. I am grateful I am paid something for what I am doing now.”

Remember that a lot of people out there would take your job and think they were the luckiest people in the world!

If you clash with one or more “difficult” people, make the effort today to find one thing you think is good about them – one thing – and be grateful for that.

A very wise friend of mine (Gayle) told me a wonderful story.
She was speaking with a young man who was dealing with a “difficult” lady at work – someone that no one liked or liked working with.

My friend told him to see if he could think of one thing good about this lady. He thought for some time and finally said, “She looks good in blue.”

She suggested that he return to work and focus only on that good thought; and if he was able, to tell the person what he liked about her.

Several months later, Gayle caught up with the young man and asked him how things were going.

With great surprise in his voice he said, “It’s amazing. Everything at work has changed. I connect with her much better and she is contributing to the team a lot more and everyone is happier!”

Just one tiny little change like that can transform everything! You can do it! It’s your choice.

You will be stunned at how your work life changes when you focus on gratitude, on the good, and you actively look for things for which to be thankful or appreciative.

Others will notice the change and, wonder of wonders, you may even find yourself en-joying moments of work! Do you know en-joy means in joy? You may find yourself being IN joy.

Gratitude at work is very powerful!

By Amanda Gore

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