The Secret Formula for Change – You Need to FARC

When I speak at conferences I ask people to turn to the people on either side and say, “I’m a FARCer!” This generally brings the house down! Seriously, FARCing is a scientifically proven formula for change!

You can change! Your brain can be UN hardwired and RE hardwired differently and that means we CAN learn new behaviors and ways to think and perceive the world.

Many of you will know that I am not being rude when I say when you need to change you need to FARC … but it’s my version of the neuro-scientific formula for change! For us to change we have to:

F Focus on what it is that we want to or need to change and become
A Attention and awareness of the triggers that drive the behaviors we want to change
R Repetition – repeat the new behaviors for at least 21 days!
C Celebration – celebrate any changes, big or small along the way.

how to changeFocus

The ‘F’ stands for focus. If we want to change something we have to focus on the behaviors or habits we want to change. Most of us live lives of habits and patterns ruled unconsciously by fear and until we decide or choose to focus on what it is that we want to change about ourselves, we will never even notice them! This decision is your intention.

Attention and Awareness

Once you have focused on what it is you want to change, the next step is to become aware (the A) of the triggers for the behaviors. Or the fears driving them. Or any other aspect that you need to become conscious of. Without this awareness our attention is not necessarily in the right place. Remember most of us live pretty much unconsciously day to day and minute to minute. Usually we react before we have even realized what is going on!

If you find yourself consistently reacting to someone or a situation in a particular way, stop and ask yourself the next time it happens “what is it IN ME that is causing me to react or feel this way?” Because it is ALWAYS something in you that is causing you to react – and you need to be aware and conscious of what that is! Most of us never even think of asking the question let alone actively seek the answers!


We then need to become aware of the new behaviors we would like to adopt. Which is where the R comes in! R is for repetition. We need to repeat the new behaviors for at least 21 days so the brain can rewire itself.

Neuroscience tells us that our brains are constantly changing and adapting and rewiring. In fact, change keeps us younger and smarter! If you just keep doing the same old thing in the same old way and place, there are billions of neurons in your brain being wasted.

Learn, grow, develop, challenge yourself to do new things, FARC a lot! Being silly and doing silly things also increases our creativity because it triggers the release of dendrites. Dendrites are the little tendrils that connect one neuron to another. The more neurons that connect, the smarter and more creative you are.


Speaking of being silly and how good it is for us, the C in FARC stands for celebration! Apparently it is really important for our brains to celebrate changes – no matter how small they are. Celebrate preferably without alcohol! Any small celebration that acknowledges the change you just made is great.

We need that reinforcement, that encouragement, that little TA DA moment! In fact – why not make that your generic celebration? Each time you succeed in any small change effort, give your self a TA DA! Do it out loud of just jump wildly on the inside!

But DO IT! It’s critical for your brains change process – that’s why you need to be a FARC-er!

Want to learn more…watch this!

Zooties, Amanda