The Secret Formula for Joy

When I lived in the USA I studied with Robert and Sheryl Sardello at the School of Spiritual Psychology. One day we had to do an exercise called drop to your heart. We had to focus on the area around our hearts, and place ourselves inside the space in our hearts.

I was skeptical about my ability to put myself in my ‘heart space’ – but I joined in and WOW – it was an amazing experience.

I ‘landed’ in a vast, peaceful, loving, joyful space that I can only describe as illuminated, iridescent black velvet. It was sooo blissful!

I came to learn that the space inside my heart was the most important space on earth. I also learned that the heart is the seat of all joy! Our hearts are the portal for love, intuition, wisdom and much more! Magic can happen in our heart’s space.

Here are some tips for getting into that space:

One technique for getting into your heart space is to close your eyes and focus your attention on the area around your heart. Imagine you are breathing through your heart and when you are ready, see or sense yourself inside your heart space.

Another technique is to imagine a little chute – like a laundry chute or even a set of stairs going from the center of your head down to the center of your heart. Imagine a miniature you entering the top of the chute and joyfully sliding down into the center of your heart! Once you are there – notice how it feels, how you feel and look around with a sense of awe and reverence. It usually feels wonderfully calm and peaceful!

When you consciously put your attention in your heart space, everything changes…everything! You connect, you feel calm, you are more loving, compassionate, wise and very popular! Your heart space is where you find love, gratitude, generosity, forgiveness, hope, energy, and inspiration. There is no fear when you think and come from your heart.

It truly is the most important space on earth! Try these techniques the next time you are going to interact with someone ‘difficult’! Spend a minute ‘getting into your heart’ before you have to meet them and consciously stay aware of your heart as you are in the meeting – you might be very surprised at how it all goes!

Your mission if you choose to accept it – is to go forth and:

  • stop judging
  • drop to your heart and stay there.

Now take a few minutes to watch the video and to learn more about how connecting with your own heart and others’ hearts can bring you joy and success.

Zooties, Amanda Gore



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