Toxins Are More Dangerous Than You Think

I just read an article on new research published in the Lancet Neurology Journal. This is a serious medical journal and this study suggests a link between the big range of toxins prevalent on our world and our children’s nervous systems, possibly contributing to autism, ADHD dyslexia and many other disorders. Although there are criticisms of the study, it’s a good reminder for all of us to be more conscious of chemical toxins that are in everyday life.

Having just found that I have a body affected by pesticides and herbicides and mercury – even though I have had my amalgam fillings removed and eat spray free or organic foods almost all the time, this strikes a real chord with me! My mother didn’t know that calamine lotion and Mercurochrome both had mercury in them; we didn’t know that playing with those little mercury balls that fell out of thermometers was dangerous! But dangerous they are and now the build up of those toxins in my body is causing problems. Fortunately, I am working with a professional who can reverse this damage – and I will keep you posted as to the journey.

One thing we can all do to avoid toxins is to wash all your fruit and veggies very carefully to remove the pesticides and herbicide residues – they may contain fake oestrogen’s that can affect not only our nervous systems but also our hormonal balance.

But…read the article above and do a little more research yourself. No, you cannot put plastic in a microwave safely it seems! Yes, you DO have to look for plastics that do not have BPA and avoid tins that are lined with it or any product that might contain it. This is important before you become pregnant as well. Write down the list of chemicals in this article and then READ YOUR LABELS!

If I had small children I would be buying spray free food and checking what in the paints and cleaning products I used in my home. Choose wisely and carefully from the time you are planning to conceive to birth – your child’s future will depend on it.

Zooties, Amanda

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