Personal Training with Amanda Gore

Helping Women Shine

If you are feeling something is missing and you want clarity on what you are doing, why you are doing it, what you are meant to be doing, improving your health or just some help to find your joy, consider 'personal training’ with Amanda.

We don’t do any physical exercises just so you know - although as a physiotherapist she knows how to do that! LOL...

These are not your traditional ‘coaching’ sessions but more an ongoing life training! Amanda is a blend of mentor, resource centre, catalyst and a host of other things to help you find a different perspective on your life, yourself or how to find your purpose and passion!

Based on her own experience and in particular, her journey during the last 6 years, Amanda has refined her capacity to know herself better! Which then means she can share from her own experience to help you grow and reach your fullest potential.

These are challenging times and also a great opportunity to dive deeply and work out what it is you want in life and what really matters to you - which then gives you more clarity and confidence in what you are doing.

Having done this with thousands of people informally, with more time as she is not travelling as much, it’s not just an extra thing to bring in income! This is something that has flowed into her life recently - where more and more people are spending time with her over zoom or in person to gain insights, wisdom, different perspectives and real clarity about what they want to actually do - not what they find themselves doing or have been doing for a long time.

It’s kind of like ‘life part 2’ for a lot of people! Or how to make ‘life part 1’ more joyful and rewarding.

Anyway - there is a money back guarantee if you don’t feel it makes a really big difference to how you are living!

If you are interested, just click on the link here and send her an email outlining what you would like!

This work lights her up which is why she calls it ‘helping women shine’ - light up your own spark of brilliance - your life force and begin to live fully and enjoy every experience - no matter what it is!

Working with Amanda, was such an amazing experience.  Her level of expertise, experience and knowledge is unquestionable. I would thoroughly recommend Amanda, as a speaker, coach and all around awesome person..”

- Elaine Powell


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