Transformative Power of Gratitude

Hello Everyone! 

I recently did a ‘live virtual’ presentation in my home studio to 300 people for Dale Beaumonts excellent organisation Business Blueprint and thought you might like to see the new content I have created form the COVID experience!  Once upon a time, BC – before COVID, most of us ‘existed’. We rushed through weeks towards the weekend where we could ‘relax’ or get things done or catch up – but we rarely did. COVID has given us time to reflect on what really matters. And why. And given us time to re-set, re-frame, re-calibrate and become more resilient and joyful. But truly joyful – not just happy!

Remember we are all part of a quantum field – that’s hard science – and we can ‘feel’ through electronic mediums – so I hope you can feel my positive energy coming to you through the camera! It’s there! Hope you get something out of it and feel free to contact us for more resources if you would like them – we have free pdf’s and other videos.

Zooties (see LINK for what Zooties are!)

Amanda Gore

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