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Connecting Hearts Through Technology

All of Amanda Gore's sessions can be delivered virtually, see below to find out how!



Connecting Hearts Through Technology

Amanda Gore Virtual

All my sessions can be delivered virtually...

I have forever talked about eradicating fear, reducing stress and building joy and mental wellness - so these conversations are even more important right now! Whether it’s live or virtual!

Currently, the vast majority of our clients are dealing with the same issues - stress, zoom fatigue, disconnection, disengagement, change fatigue, social isolation, loss of a sense of belonging, uncertainty, balancing or juggling conflicting personal and professional responsibilities and so much more. What they want is an exciting, energetic and engaging virtual presentation that still delivers useful and transforming content.

Depending on what your needs are, I have hundreds of ‘chunks’ of information that can be mixed and matched to achieve your outcome and pull the group together even if they are all remote.

People are yearning for encouragement, connection and a sense of belonging as well as new ways to deal with the new ways of doing business.

They still need to learn how to feel good about themselves, manage themselves and manage relationships in a new world.  Emotional regulation is a critical skill to develop. And it has an instant flow on to relationships which are the basis of all business.

For me, there are 3 very relevant cornerstones for the new ways we are required to learn to work and live post COVID and to adapt and stay sane - let alone joyful!

  • Who you are shouts so loudly I can’t hear what you say’  Oliver Wendall Holmes
  • ‘Intelligence in the future will not be measured by the ability to read and write; it will be measured by the ability to learn, un-learn and re-learn’ Alvin Toffler
  • Michael Gerber said most entrepreneurs fail because they are too busy working IN their business and not ON their business. I believe people are so caught up IN their lives they are not working ON their lives - and not working ON themselves rather than trapped in the chaos of their lives.

I can weave lots of skills and stories around those cornerstones and expand them, show their current relevance and link them into leadership, sales, performance, wellness and mental health, taking responsibility for yourselves, being your best, adapting to change and more.

Blending these sciences - neuroscience, epigenetics, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and quantum physics - allows me to bring the latest research and science into practical and immediately implementable strategies and mindsets to help them adapt to the ever changing world.

How can we help people feel safe in times of uncertainty? In many different ways! But one is to remind them that they - only they - are in charge of their thinking. And they can do that by becoming observers of their thinking - it sounds simple but it is profoundly effective. And if they do nothing else - and they know what stories they tell themselves (their perceptions or attitudes) - their lives can be transformed and more importantly, they transform themselves as well as take responsibility for themselves.

My virtual keynotes, training or workshops are aimed at blending inspirational insights, practical skills that can be implemented immediately and actually transforming the way people think during the session by creating a safe space in which they can change.

35 years of studying group dynamics and the process of communicating allows me to work live or virtually with large and small groups in a way that makes the content memorable -  to embed messages that stick. In fact, we regularly have people contacting us saying they heard me speak 20 years ago and they can quote verbatim parts of what was said and tell us how they have integrated it into their lives and their companies and their personal lives.

People change in a heartbeat - literally - if you tell them a story that touches their hearts - and they change their mindsets just as fast when they are presented with information in particular ways. Studying these group dynamics is one of the differences that makes the difference with Amanda.

Another is that she is so authentic and real that everyone relates to her, which allows her to speak to their hearts - which is critical in corporate post COVID worlds!

In this age of unlearning the ways we used to work and live and re-learning new ways to engage and connect with our teams and live our lives, mental health issues are sky rocketing. Joy increases productivity 31%, sales 37% and reduces burnout 125% and is the antidote to our mental health crisis. There are many aspects of Joy that can be taught that can transform mindsets – and hearts.

Creating joyful cultures and actually focusing on joy – live, hybrid or virtually - as a business strategy is smart!


I was lucky enough to win a government grant that has allowed me to set up a studio with professional TV state of the art equipment. I have great quality lighting, brilliant AV sound equipment, several computers and great internet connection. Having said that the vast bulk of clients are wanting pre recorded - that look live - sessions so they don’t have to worry about IT connection issues. We can stream live as well and have worked with most of the platforms currently in use.

And I have spent all of my time since March 2020 developing and mastering the art of making a virtual session or a pre recorded session look as if it is live and to have the same energy!  Based on a couple of these testimonials - it looks like it is working!



If you would like to chat with me please hit the link below and let's connect!


PS. Here is a video with some more video testimonials and a look at me in action!

"Brilliant session Amanda. Thank you for helping our teams to re-connect, to give them effective strategies to stay connected during this trying time" Mike.