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Connecting Hearts Through Technology

All of Amanda Gore's sessions can be delivered virtually, see below to find out how!



Connecting Hearts Through Technology

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amanda’s BIG Reset presentation helped our nurses rediscover joy and gratitude in our work and everyday lives using real-time strategies. She tailored a virtual presentation to help us incorporate our professional practice model and resiliency initiatives while including our families in the journey. This was a virtual first for us, and because of Amanda’s authentic, energized delivery, it will be shared again and again". Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital Winfield

Amanda Gore Virtual

All my sessions can be delivered virtually...

I’m Amanda Gore, the creator of The Joy Project… a series of skill-based education programs that have been used by thousands of business people, corporations, and entrepreneurs in hundreds of different niches and markets to create very successful leaders, relationships and businesses.

I have created a new keynote specifically designed for the 'COVID experience' - The Big Re-Set - how to re-set everything - mindsets, meaning, purpose, in essence -  how to re-design the way we work and live.

For the first time in my career, I have the something I have never really had enough of and that’s one of our most valuable assets... time!

This is the longest period of time I have had at home in 35 years! So it has been a wonderful opportunity to grow and develop my own skills via the virtual conference.

I know that every speaker is offering alternatives to being at your event in person…..and because we don’t have many options right now - it seems like a wise thing to share with you how you could use my expertise virtually - AND still keep a sense of engagement, connection and interaction in your teams.

Years of studying group dynamics has allowed me to adapt and create virtual presentations of high energy and engagement - where people actually laugh, learn and feel good at the end of them!

Imagine having me virtually working with your team…either in small groups, individually - or to your whole electronically connected team.

To work on
• building deeper relationships,
• keeping them motivated, innovative and inspired
• growing skills,
• growing and developing each person and
• feeling good about themselves and feeling resilient and confident
• generally preparing them to take off and soar to new heights
when we are through this crisis time.

Right now EVERYONE wants certainty. Some sense of control over what is going on. Some idea of how things will pan out.

And it’s not happening.

People feel they are living the movie Groundhog Day…and days are just blending into days without the structure and patterns of normal work.

So the most important thing we can do is to help people feel safe; to feel they belong; to feel connected to their leader and team members, to a sense of purpose - and the company.

Many will be very grateful they still have a team!

I am doing what I can to support people who no longer have a job or are on furlough or JobKeeper, but for those of you who are striving to keep teams connected and actually feeling like a team while working on their own I have some options:

If you look at my keynotes and workshops I can take this content and translate it into either "live online" sessions or pre-recorded videos.

It’s best if you can use Zoom or Google hangouts or Microsoft teams - whatever you already have to connect with your people.  It’s even better if I can see them while I am speaking because I can actually interact with them and have them interact with each other. Microsoft teams is the most secure that allows you to see people in the group.

The group dynamics of managing small and large groups differ enormously. So, does doing an online live event and doing a webinar…… Below is a tailored session for a digital marketing audience.

Questions and answers are fine for a webinar and I am always happy to do that and make it fun and engaging.

My strength comes in when I can have ‘virtual real' interaction - in other words where they can see me live and I can see some of them at least!

Because I'm engaging and energetic on-screen - just my speaking animatedly about the topics you want - tailored as much as you need - can change how people are feeling.

If you have small team meetings and would like me to do a session, I can modify all my presentations as well.

The best bet is to call and ask me and I promise I will be honest - if I think we are a good fit and can deliver what you need I will say, and if not - we’ll try to think of someone else for you!

I am always happy to do short videos you can send out to people to keep them connected and let them know what they do have control over - ie THEIR THINKING…their choices and that in turn controls how they feel and behave.

As an additional benefit, I can make my sessions or events for the whole family and the whole family can participate.

This is an ideal time for companies - and leaders specifically - to show employees or team members they are cared for. If we care for their whole family, it’s even more powerful.
It’s a time of great opportunity to grow and develop - IF we choose to perceive or see it that way, or to tell ourselves that story.

I look forward to connecting with you and seeing how I can serve you.

If you would like to chat with me please hit the link below and let's connect! Zooties!

"Brilliant session Amanda. Thank you for helping our teams to re-connect, to give them effective strategies to stay connected during this trying time" Mike.