Wake Up to a Higher Purpose Business Strategy

Most definitions of business strategies revolve around the theme of long term plans of action designed to achieve a particular goal or set of objectives.

I heard the worldwide CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi speak at a conference once, and he said that all their campaigns and strategies are based on a key finding: that people are 80% emotional and 20% rational.

If you want to change people’s behaviors, you have to appeal to their hearts; if you want to inspire and engage people, you need to engage their hearts – to give them a sense of purpose, meaning and contribution at work.

To achieve your goals, you need people engaged and involved. But how many business strategies have a people focus?

Your business strategy obviously has to have a financial facts and figures element and planning components. But does it also include a strategy for growing and developing people as part of the business strategy? Or specific strategies to make everyone in the workplace feel that they have a purpose, are making a valuable contribution, or making a difference in the world?

Social responsibility is a current corporate buzzword. Part of our social responsibility is to our staff, our local community, and to our business partners.

What is the higher purpose in your business – even if you make paper clips?

Does your work force believe that making paper clips perfectly will help people in some way?

No matter what services you provide, make sure your strategy includes people – with the goal that they want to work with you; that they feel the work they do is important – to someone; and they feel they are making a worthwhile difference in the world – local or global.

Waking up to the higher purpose of your business strategy sets you apart from all the competition!

By Amanda Gore

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