Wake up to Fear and how it affects your performance!

Last week I had an AH HA moment! In a blinding flash of the obvious I realized just how much of my behaviours were ruled by a range of fears, to which I was completely oblivious!

Imagine what you life would be like if you recognized the fears that are holding you back – in every area of your life. Defensiveness, anger, jealousy, needing to be right, lack of confidence, needing to control things, unhealthy relationships, fights, office paranoia and countless other behaviours would vaporize!

Fear of abandonment, not being lovable, looking stupid, being judged by others, not getting approval, separation – not belonging to a group or higher power, a fear of uncertainty and not being able to control everything, of other people’s moods and fear for our safety – the list could be very long!

The fears underlie and cause most of our negative behaviours.

Look at the 3 behaviour patterns you would like to stop. Write them down. Now ask yourself the question “what am I frightened of in this situation?”

Write down the fears you identify. Then ask yourself “When did it start? Is it still relevant? Does this fear play any useful purpose in my life now? Is it helping me achieve what I want in life?’

Then dwell on your answers, Most of the time, you will be stunned at how deep the fears are and how they are all from your early years in life!

And you can then become your own ‘perfect’ parent and deal with the issues that may not have been resolved when you were little!

Now it’s a choice – once you know about fear, you can choose to walk with the fears and let them rule your life – or you can consciously choose the way of joy! 352 words

Find the fears that are ruling your life and challenge them. Replace them with faith, hope and joy instead!

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